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Any advice on exes?

My ex has created a social media account using my photo (but not my name). Because he didn't use my name Instagram won't remove the account. I feel very unsafe, and violated knowing he can post any photos he has of me. I've reported the account and nothing has changed. 


Please understand I did not give him consent to use my photo, I have not talked to him in a year and would prefer to not reach out to him. 

Re: Any advice on exes?

Hi @E_Lian, that sounds really scary and violating. He had no right to post a photo of you without your permission.


I think there are some websites you can report cyber bulling on if you need, here are some links


general cyberbulling 

adult cyber abuse (over 18) 

image based abuse 

report illegal/harmful content 


Reaching out to a support service like kidshelpline might be useful to talk about your feelings on this.

Re: Any advice on exes?

Hey @E_Lian 

I'm so sorry this has happened to you and that instagram isn't doing anything to help. Its awful that he has done this, no one deserves to be treated in this way. This is complete betrayal of your trust and you have done nothing wrong.

I understand you're feeling unsafe and violated by his actions, if you wanted to get some one on one support to talk about how you're feeling, here is a link to 1800 Respect, they have a phone and webchat service. They might also be able to offer you some advice or guidance around what to do next. If you're worried about your safety I'd recommend contacting police, have you spoken to anyone in your life about what has happened?

I completely respect that you would prefer not to reach out to him, would you be interested in making a report to the E-safety commission? Here is a link to their website which might have some helpful information for you. 

This must be a stressful time for you, @E_Lian is there anything you can do to look after yourself while you're going through this?

Here for you Heart

Re: Any advice on exes?

@E_Lian that sounds super stressful, and you are certainly right to want to act on it. @Hannah-RO  and @Lost_Space_Explorer5  have given you some great links already- is there anyone else around you that you can reach out to, to support you through this, that will have your back and advocate for you? We are of course here to support and listen too.


Re: Any advice on exes?

Hey @E_Lian ! That really sucks Smiley Sad just wanted to check in and see if anything has changed. hopefully its all fixed up. Let us know if everything has been solved and if not we can give you some more options. Remember that we are here if you need any help and there is always an option out of this.