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Is it so hard to find a girl that loves you despite your condition? And loves me for who I am not what my illness makes me? Smiley Sad there has to be someone?

Re: Anyone?

Hey there Dandandan65,

Firstly, I see this is your first post, so welcome to the RO forums! Smiley Happy

It’s brave of you to come on here and share how you’re feeling - that shows strength. I’m not sure what kind of condition or illness you may have but however you feel it limits you, it does not have to define who you are. You are an individual with unique qualities and as you progress through life you will meet many people who will admire these qualities.

Have you tried speaking with a counsellor or a close friend about how you feel? They can be really helpful.

Re: Anyone?

I was diagnosed with depression recently and bipolar in November 2010 and regularly see a counsellor but still have feelings in my mind that maybe just maybe if I was normal people who accept me

Re: Anyone?

That must be tough having bipolar and depression, I can certainly relate to depression and I know what you mean when you say that you think people are not accepting of you. It’s common with mood disorders that we can become withdrawn from the people around us and not really feel overly social. It’s important though man to realize that there is no such thing as ‘normal’, we all go through tough times, and it’s really great that you’re on the RO forums telling us how you feel. Have you spoken with the counsellor about these things specifically?

Re: Anyone?

I have a bit but for some reason I get into a mode where I forget everything he has said and immediately think the worst

Re: Anyone?

Yeah, I know what you mean, they say so much and it can be hard to remember it all. Just keep bringing it up with him so you can keep working on it. Also, take some notes right afterwards so you can try and set up a good memory trace Smiley Happy It also can be something you can refer to if you haven’t seen him for a few weeks.

Re: Anyone?

Hey Dandandan65

Welcome to the forums. You sound very sad and I feel for you, not being accepted as you are can be a really terrible thing.
bethechange has given you great tips and I hope they help you in some way.

If talking to your counsellor is a bit challenging then this is a first step and you should be proud, you can also call Lifeline 13 11 14 or if you prefer online chatting they have that too so you can practice sharing with them how you feel and then that might give you the confidence to speak to your counsellor about this.

Is that something that you think would help you?
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Anyone?

Bipolar is only one part of you- it doesn't define you. Although you may need to adjust certain aspects of life to manage the swings, you are still the same person you always were. You can still have a life. Bipolar doesn't have to stop you from being in a relationship and if someone is going to judge you for having Bipolar, they obviously don't know much about it and aren't worth you time!

Support groups may help. The Black Dog Institute has links to some good ones if you want to check them out. 

Take care. Smiley Happy         

Re: Anyone?

Hey danandan,

I have often wondered this myself... But I have a number of friends who have mental health problems (including bipolar) and who have loving, supportive partners. Unfortunately, some people just seem to find their partner earlier than others!!! It's hard waiting, but I believe we all have a soulmate (and if we don't, then we WILL find a way to cope with being single). Until we find that soulmate though, we should enjoy being single!

Have you had a read of this factsheet:

I say enjoy being single! Enjoy looking at potential partners but most importantly, NEVER give up hope! Throw yourself into new situations where you can meet new people and see where it takes you. Smiley Happy And may I also say, that girls LOVE it when guys ask them out!

I also agree with the others, that it might be beneficial to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Smiley Happy But believe me, having a mental illness does not define you and you CAN have an amazing relationship with someone who loves you for who you are !

Good luck.


Re: Anyone?

I love everything that everyone is writing but as for going out and meeting new people throughout my illness I have developed a great fear of meeting new people due to the pain suffered with meeting new people and opening up to them