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I have arachnophobia but where I live whenever I tell someone that they just say ohh your just scared or a pussy they don't really get it that's why I am writing here 

But my problem here is that I get most of the symptoms as an anxiety attack but also really intense screaming and I just can't control it until it hurts my throat my head and I get small purple dots under my eyes . I feel so horrible after that. I haven't heard of others who have it . What is it ? 


Re: Arachnophobia

Hi @Basil,


Welcome to ReachOut and thank you for making your first post. It sounds like fear of spiders (Arachnophobia) is something that has had a really big impact on your life. You mentioned that your body reacts with a panic attack, which can be a really uncomfortable feeling to have, but is actually a really normal thing when our brains detect fear. When those panic attacks are really big and really impact how you feel about the world around you, I can imagine it is painful. Seeking some professional support can be really helpful.


When we come in contact with something that is a threat in our environment, our brains work to keep us safe by preparing us take action to get to safe ground eg: running, letting other people around us know we have had contact we something we are afraid of by yelling, and in lots of other ways - and it sounds like you might be going through reaction quite intensely this when you see spiders, is this correct?


We are really glad that you reached out for support, particularly when you felt reaching out to people in your life hasn't been helpful before. When I was 18, I also had arachnophobia- you are not alone! Heart With professional support, it made a HUGE difference. While sometimes I still panic when I see a spider, they aren't as intense as they used to be and I can bring the panic down quickly. It helped me to learn why my body was reacting with a panic attack, and learn how to manage the panic when it starts so it doesn't get as big. Psychologists can help with this! You mentioned seeing purple dots- sometimes this can happen when you have a panic attack, and can be a sign that blood pressure has gone up which is normal in a panic attack. If you are concerned, I would really encourage you to see a doctor and ask them what the cause may be. I have definitely had the dots in my vision before too. 


Have you been to see a counsellor or psychologist before? Do you think this is something you would be open to doing? We can also help to point you in the direction of some services too!


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Re: Arachnophobia

Hi @Basil, as frustrating as it is, arachnophobia is nothing to be ashamed of. One theory is that it develops to keep people safe from diseases and injuries that spiders can give us. It's normal to be afraid of things that might hurt us.

I think seeing a psychologist might help. They might be able to gradually expose you to spiders, reducing your panic attacks. I've heard that there also some apps that might help by showing you pictures and videos of spiders and giving you some exercises that might calm you down.