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Being betrayed so many times

I am new to this site. I was in a 4 years relationship with my partner. I kept on thinking we had a future together. I supported her all throughout the entire time. I paid for everything 3 bedroom house rent. Paid for studies accessories etc. paid for holidays and shopping every month.

We had everything going really well. Until she started going online looking for penpals. She started drifting away and finally last weekend after I came back from work after 4 weeks away in remote location, she called me broke the news that she didn't want me home.
It is the lowest day of my life. Am trying to pickup the pieces and putting them together to move on.

I am seeking as much help this time as it has really broken me in pieces.

Read some good literature on this site that will help.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Being betrayed so many times

Hey @Madino

Thanks for sharing your story here with us! Before i continue, i would note that a lot of the experiences you're sharing with us here make me think you might be a bit outside the age group that we have built these forums for. So the resources might be useful, but the forums won't be quite so much Smiley Sad 

If you want a place to talk online I'd recommend having a look at the beyond blue forums :


I would also recommend having a talk to someone about what you're going through. 

I recommend giving lifeline a call or having a chat. This is definitely something they would want to talk to you about, just to help you be safe and make sure you're okay and what to do if you're not feeling okay.



Re: Being betrayed so many times

Hi John @Madino,

I hope you are feeling better and I hope you can see pass this. This is a really good time to focus on yourself. Your passions, your new goals, your new friends, your new hobbies and your new life that you want to create for yourself. Its time to get self-centred and get excited by the awesome life you are about to create.

It wont take long for you to discover your new dreams. With this new freedom you can further your education, start things that you have been putting off, create a new social circle etc. Start looking in some facebook groups, go on, do some volunteering work ( You are now free to discover how amazing our world is. 


Its a truly amazing time to discover yourself. Enjoy being single. New love will come, I promise you.


I wont bore you with my story but its almost the same as yours. She ended up borrowing money from me to buy a house, we were together for 5 years and I paid for most things. I felt like if I love her then she should be happy and if shes not happy with me then she ought to fly away... 

Take care my brother.