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Brand New

I am brand new here. Live in Australia. Married with two teenagers. The eldest, our daughter, has given us nothing but trouble since she was 13. She lives here with our boyfriend and they are moving out next month. I also suffer from severe chronic depression. Lost my dad two years and am still grieving terribly. He was my rock. Hope to meet some new friends here...

Re: Brand New

Hey there NewYorkGirl, It's really awesome that you are reaching out for help and building on your support network. Sounds like you have been through some really tough times, so it's brave of you to speak out.

These forums are targeted at 14-25 year olds, so you might not find too many people in a similar situation to you. Of course you are more than welcome to stick around but I do know of some forums that are for all ages so the peer support you are looking for might be more likely to be there. Here they are.

Beyond Blue


Keep reaching out.

Online Community Manager


Re: Brand New

Hi Newyorkgirl,


So great you have reached out. It sounds like a few things are difficult to deal with.

Sophie has given you some great links already. I thought this might be a good link as well considering it seems as though you are still trying to manage the loss of your dad. Sometimes it takes time to be ready to address things in our life.


What do you believe is troubling you the most at the moment out of the things you identified?