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Bullied at work

Hey Reachout people ,
Yet again i have been builied at work today by my coworkers and manager. Also other people in the office are now catching it on. I spoke to life line and said it is unacceptance that bullying is happening in the work place. Is it accept these days with all the flash technology that people use or people like doing it to it victim . I don't know what to do.

Is bullying now accept in today society? And what can a government agency do?

Re: Bullied at work

Hey @Marcus29

I'm really sorry to hear that you're being bullied by colleagues and your manager. That's totally not right for that to be happening and is absolutely something that needs to be sorted out. Workplace bullying is not accepted and is actually illegal in Australia and there are a few courses of action that you can take.


First up I want to say how amazing it is that you contacted lifeline and had a chat to them, and that you're posting about it here. Talking about it is really important so that people can help link you to the right resources to get it addressed. I'm a bit concerned about where you asked if you should die - if you're thinking about harming yourself it's important that you get back in touch with lifeline to get appropriate support.


Secondly, I want to give you this link from the Australian Human Rights Commission which is a fact sheet that might give you a guide on how to get it addressed - take a look at the 'Getting Help' section if you haven't had any luck with addressing it within the company itself.


Let us know how you go and what steps you want to take moving forward.


Re: Bullied at work

Hey @Marcus29, I have noticed you doubled up on the bullying thread. Have just merged my response into this one - looks like @Bay52VU has already offered awesome insights Smiley Very Happy

You have a lot of strength and resilience to ring Lifeline and talk this problem out.


You mentioned "Should I die?" which is worrying to me, do you feel safe right now? 

It must be a really hard thing to deal with each day, I can already tell you are very strong. When you feel up to it, it might be good for your peace of mind to read through the Fairwork website about how you can make sure to look after yourself and your workplace rights - by Clicking Here.


This ReachOut video is really cool too Heart

Re: Bullied at work

Hey @Bree-RO


Thanks for video, and thank you for your supoprt. 


I havn't done anything stupid, but don't know if i should report it as i could land myself out of work .... i have been talking about this with my parents, and some people who reported bullying end up getting fired by rasing a complant.


I don't know what to do, but i really feel down, isolated, alone, important piece of information not being shared.


Is this still me being bullied? - I am really stress out



Re: Bullied at work

Hi @Marcus29, that sounds so challenging - you're doing really well to speak about it with RO! Well done.


From what you have told me about work, of course you would feel isolated and down. Perhaps you could ring FairWork and ask for advice? I don't believe they lodge anything unless you want them to, sometimes they're just able to give you a place to start.


Have you considered phoning a support service again to chat it out further? You said you rang lifeline earlier did that help?



Re: Bullied at work

Hey @Bree-RO 


I struggle to spell and my grammer is a little bit bad so i don't typing or writing it down. I know that it good thought to write these things down in black and white. I use lifeline as a place to vent, as where i need to say something. It good to talk to another person over the phone.


What kind of advice does the Fair Work agency give to people with these issues?


My parents still think, it a bad idea?



Re: Bullied at work

Hey @Marcus29 totally understand your worries.  Smiley Happy


It might be good whilst you're feeling this way to give yourself some extra self care over the weekend. Is there anything you really enjoy doing that can keep your mind busy? some of the RO threads are heaps of fun! Check out the Hanging Out section.


If you and your parents are worried perhaps you could give them a ring and ask these questions without giving your name? I believe the number for information is - 13 13 94. Best of luck, you're doing super well!