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Bully at work

I am intimidated at work. The recent attack happened last Thursday. I grabbed my laptop and ran out of the office in tears. I have in the past raised these issues with him but he does nothing to address them. I see no point going to him about the recent incident. I have requested for a transfer to another department and I am waiting to hear back. Meantime, I am terrified to go back to work tomorrow. I do not wish to end my life but I do not know how else to protect myself from these bullies. The people whom I thought I could trust have done nothing to protect me. My husband wants to protect me but I don't think is his place to step in to interfere with my work. Ultimately, I could quit my job but there are bills to pay. 

Re: Bully at work

Hi Bubbabel,


It sounds like an awful situation, but you have made positive steps by discussing it with your husband and speaking out here.


First and foremost, you must take care of your own wellbeing. You mentioned that you didn't want to end your life but you don't know how to protect yourself. You do not deserve to have a workplace bully affect your confidence and feeling of safety. If you feel overwhelmed, the counsellors at Lifeline are there 24 hour a day to listen and help.


Reach Out have some helpful information on workplace bullying here:

as well as your legal rights:


Your employer has a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for you that's free from bullying. If you have already approached your harrasser and they have ignored your request to stop their abusive behaviour, don't engage with them any further. It's important to let your manager know what's going on. If the person intimidating you is your manager, speak to their manager, the companies head office or your human resources department.


Have you considered keeping a journal so you can record any bullying incidents that occur and express how you feel about these attacks? It might be useful as evidence to take to your employer too.


You don't have to put up with a bully, so please keep us updated on how you are coping.







Re: Bully at work

Hey bubbabel


Its terrible that you are going through this but you are so brave to share your story with us, suffering in silence is not always the best thing to do for your wellbeing. Its good that you are looking for ways to deal with this and is it possible for you to speak to your manager's boss? Or even give Fairwork a call to see what your rights are about this situation. 


It is sad that people bully in the workplace and can be very disheartening because it can completely mess with your capacity to work the best way you can. You say you cannot quit but is it possible for you to start looking for another job or take paid leave to just gather your thoughts together? 


ElleBelle has offered some great factsheets and Lifeline 13 11 14  is an amazing service to ring and they can assist you in the best way they can. You do not deserve to be bullied and I hope that you have great coping mechanisms in place to support you and keep you positive because that is very important to your well being but if you want to build them have a read on this factsheet


Please take care of yourself and I'm glad you have your husband to support you 


**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Bully at work

Hi there,


Sorry for the late response. A lot has happened since this post. The bullies got brazen and horrible. I confided with a coworker and she told HR. I was contacted by HR and the Administration Manager was informed of my situation too. While I was glad I was no longer suffering in silence, I was still terrified to show up for work everyday thinking what if they found out that I have told HR I would surely be dead! At around the same time, an opportunity for a transfer came up and I put my hand up. It is a role based at the construction site. The option was to quit or take the transfer. I have bills and elderly parents back home so quitting wouldn't be wise. My transfer came through early Dec but not without cause. The last week of hand over was a torture - literally. My Supervisor with the back of the Manager tried to be difficult in every possible way. However, I was lucky as the Administration Manager was watching me closely that week and stepped in a few times when things got a bit much. I was really relieved that my ordeal is over but I still shiver when I see the bullies on site or receive an email from them. I hope things will get better. After much deliberation, I decided to send HR an account of the bullies that happened in the last seven months with the unit. I want HR to know about these bullies and to prevent others from suffering like me. Again, it was a tough decision  for me as I was terrified that this perpetrators would lash out at me on site. Although I work long hours now, I do not fear going to work. In fact, I wake up with a big smile everyday and look forward to the challenge the day brings. I want to thank all of you for your support in my darkest hour. Heart






Re: Bully at work

Hi bubbabel
t is great to see that you have made it through a tough time. Work place bulling is just simply awful. 
We are very happy you came back to update us 
you are always welcomed in the RO! forums 

Re: Bully at work

I loved reading this bubbabel! Good on you for taking a stand and not letting them walk all over you!


Re: Bully at work

Hey bubbabel


I am so glad your situation turned out for the best! I can relate to the diffucult situation you were in. Not long ago I've got a colleague who confided in me that he was bullied and discriminated at work. The worst thing was (or is, I am not sure if his ordeal is over) the managers was/is in it too. He tried to report to headquarteers and what I heard was "No action implemented to stop the bullies" I told him to stand up for himself and continue to speak out. Keep his head down, do his duties and don't join in the gossip and bitching-behind-the-back. 

I know no one is completely safe from workplace gossip and back-stabbing, but I do the work I am paid to do and on the surface, everyone is treating me fine. But I don't know what is under that layer and I don't want to know if I am also being bitched about because I have done nothing wrong and do not want to be involved.


Sorry I took the focus off you bubbabel, but you did great to help your case. Good work in confiding in someone because it got the ball rolling!

Re: Bully at work

Hi Doris, 


I am truly lucky that the people that I have confided in was able to provide me with the support that I needed at that time! I was so paralyzed by it all I couldn't think straight. It is through their continue care and support that I was able to stand on my feet again. I have a good network of family and friends who believe in prayers and they pray really hard for me. I pray hard too. But I believe their prayers sustain me when I was deep in the holes. I hope you will stand by your friend and not let him slip into abyss of fear and destruction. And I pray that God will deliver him from his situation. If He delivers me He will deliver your friend. Thanks for sharing Doris and please don't give up on your friend.