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Getting bullied by this boy and am a girl and everyday i get made fun of i need help

Re: Bullying

hey @harrypotter welcome to RO!!

Im so sorry to hear that this is happening to you, would you mind telling us a bit more about what this boy has been doing? Have you told anyone about it?

We are all hear to listen Heart

Re: Bullying

Well he always says swearwords towards me and always has to bring me down every single day

Whenever i do something good he always says oh well could have been made better and i have anxiety and ASD and ADHD ( different  forms of autism) and always laughs and smiles when i do something wrong  @less123321

Re: Bullying

@harrypotter im so sorry to hear that, have you spoken to anyone like a parent or teacher about it.

We are always here Heart

I will tag some others so they can help you as well Heart

@Bee @scared01 @N1ghtW1ng @LeoTheLion

Re: Bullying

@harrypotter first of all, I love your username! I might tag you in a Harry Potter thread here on the forums if that's alright Smiley Tongue


To get to your actual post though... that sounds really awful to be dealing with Smiley Sad it seems like you can't win with him - whenever you do something bad it gets pointed out, but whenever you do something good it's still not good enough.


Are you seeing anyone for your anxiety/ASD/ADHD? Sometimes chatting to a health professional who knows you can be really helpful Heart We also have a whole bunch of articles on bullying here - let us know if any of those are useful

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Re: Bullying

Hi @harrypotter


I hate bullies. Is this happening at school or somewhere else? Have you talked to a teacher? 

Re: Bullying

You and friend but they did not tell anyone

Re: Bullying

No i do not talk to  anyone except for  you kind people (thanks about my username 

Re: Bullying

School when no one is watching and no only told RO and a friend but they promised no to tell

Re: Bullying

Hey @harrypotter im so sorry your getting  bullied. Its really horrible but im so glad youve  reached out to us here. 


If you type the @ names will pop  up and you  can click  on a members name to tag them like your talking to them 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**