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So im 14 live in brisbane, I have Complex Depression, high anxiety, i stress alot, i self-harm, and im suicidal. 

I had a 'friend' that i once told i was [self-harming] and she went off and told her friends that i [self-harm] and im like a emo, now alot of people judge me about [self-harming] and being suicidal. People will say to me go hang yourself, nobody likes you, It would be better if you were dead, your a emo... Every night i find it so hard to fall asleep and in the morning so hard to wake up. I usually just cry myself to sleep. Ive been bashed multiple times and just left there being laughed at. My sister and i have the normal sibling fights but really its not helping at ALL. 


Im seeing a Phychiatrist, but i just dont have the guts to tell him...


Can someone help me i dont know what to do? Smiley Sad




Re: Bullying

Hey jman99


It is absolutely terrible that you are being bullied and you definitely do not deserve that. Your friend was never a true friend to you and you deserve a friend that will support you through anything. People will always judge and people can sometimes be very cruel and it is wrong and they bully for so many reasons whether they are trying to fit in or are having self-esteem or problems themselves and they lash out and attack other people who dont deserve this. 


I think you have made the first step by coming here and asking for help. Be proud of yourself for that, it shows how strong you are. I would suggest giving Kids helpline a call on 1800 55 1800 and they also have online chat if you prefer that, they might be able to help you through this. 


Have you spoken to your parents and your sister about what you are going through? 


If you feel it is difficult to speak to your Psychiatrist about this maybe writing him a letter or an email might be the best way to express how you feel, could that be an idea? 


Take care of yourself. 


**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Bullying

Hi jman99


It's so great that you found the courage to come here and share with us about what's happening and how you feel about it. That can't have been easy.


I completely back up what ruenhonx has said too. Have you spoken to your family about it?


You don't deserve how you've been treated by these people. It's unacceptable. People lash out at and target others like this because of their own inadequacies, lack of self-confidence and lack of self-esteem. Typically I find myself pitying these people. It's not about *you* that they're doing this; it's about themselves. If it wasn't you, it'd be someone else.


I know it might feel harder to tell your psychiatrist about this but it will be good for you if you do. Just being able to share it with another person will feel like a great relief and you can start on a process of recovery.


Definitely encourage you to call Kids Helpline as well on 1800 55 1800. They can help a lot.


Stay safe and let us know how you get on.


p.s. I had to edit your post so that it would fit in with our guidelines. Hope you understand.

Re: Bullying

Hey lex and ruenhonx,

My parents know some of the stuff that's going on but not all... Il try telling my psychiatrist.

Thanks jman99

Re: Bullying

hey jman99,


I'm so sorry to hear what's happening for you at school. It can be such a kick in the guts when you take a risk and tell someone your secrets only to have them betray your trust in such a huge way. I know sometimes it can be really hard to tell people about being bullied but I'm wondering if you've spoken to your school counsellor or Year advisor. Your school has a responsibility to make it a safe place for you but they can't do it unless they know. If you ake the info to your school counsellor then you can discuss with them how you would like the situation managed so it has the least negative impact on you.


Is this something you might consider?

Re: Bullying

Hey NigioC

Not really, I don't really feel comfortable talking to the school counsellors:/ thanks anyway...

Re: Bullying

Nevermind, if you're not comfortable with them, that's just the way it is. Smiley Happy


Did you think more about talking to your psych about this? How has it been for you lately?