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Im 20 years old, I battle with Drug Addition. As a result I developed very serious Addictions, as a way of Dealing with traumatic events that currently still effect my life. I am leaving a trail of death and disappointment in my family. I feel as though my Family doesn't hear my voice calling out for help, and it has continued to escalate as a difficult problem, partly due to my Mental illness in BPD, DEPRESSION & PTSD. I feel pretty lost in who would understand me and who can Help me save my life and persist in making a difference in my life.


Hi there @Sunnii - we can hear you. Thank you for speaking to us here in the forum about the really difficult things you're going through. 

Trauma is an awful thing to experience, and coping with it can be tough - drugs are a way that many people deal with trauma. I can hear that the addiction is also causing you pain  - must be confusing. 

Sounds like you're looking for support, which is really good to hear- there is support out there, and sticking with whatever support you link in with is so important. You can call 1300 368 186 for the FDS drug support - or one of the other phone supports  here.  They should be able to chat to you about further support - there are AA or NA groups all over the country that you could go to as well - go here for information on these  and find one in your area. 


I'm going to send you an email to the address you signed up with - please keep an eye out. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here