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Re: Calm

Solid advice @j95! Switching off can be so effective when dealing with rough times or even when we just need a break from day to day life. Thanks so much for sharing these tips mate!

Re: Calm

Thank you @j95! I knew you had posted about this somewhere recently! and here it is!!! Smiley Happy

I agree with you - it's so important to do this and it's so good to switch off with your devices or online for a while.


and thanks so much @moonwalk, this is exactly what i have decided to do to deal with these times and take the best possible care for myself. I've reached a big milestone, and want to sort things out with my health, work, studies, and relationships.... and get back into doing lots more music and creative pursuits. *glow*

Re: Calm

I'm so happy to hear that @evanescence! Please don't be a stranger around the forums and keep us posted on how your music and creative pursuits go!


Re: Calm

Thanks @moonwalk, I certainly will!! Smiley Happy


Enjoyed a deliberate calm 'retreat' day down the coast this afternoon, after getting a reflexology foot massage last night. ***so relaxing and worth it!*** *glow*


And to continue In the spirit of 'new beginnings' and amazeballs self-care, have upgraded to a new easel / art workstation thingie with holes for the paints... it's soo cool! And splurged on some acrylic paint tubes - in lieu of the budget for licorice and coconut smoothies this weekend lol Smiley Very Happy


Listened to some classical on the big drive down.....- Boy, am really getting into this 'calm' groove <3


Thanks for caring. Positive vibes back.


Have a Smashing & Good calm weekend all!!!! Smiley Tongue





Re: Calm

@evanescence Sounds like you had an awesome day! And you got stocked up with some new art supplies! If you feel comfortable uploading some of your work on RO, I'd definitely love to see some!

Re: Calm

Thanks @moonwalk, I will def keep up my art work, and can assure you that we are every day now! And your responses are always encouraging and respectful, as they are! Smiley Happy And I love seeing other people's art work too. Maybe time for me to find another art gallery to soothe the soul!


I just want to say that I enjoyed particpating on RO to fulfill some needs, and it's been fun and insighful and positive. In reality though, after some reflection, I now want to make the most out of the life I have here in real life, and honour the companionship opportunities there, and be open to growth, and be grateful for those connections, as well as respect myself more by engaging in more honest self care and setting some more goals, as well as enjoying things I could be doing by turning off the device, and minimising my online reliance! Heart


Thanks also @Ben-RO for being an awesome administrator! And well wishes to all of our forum users! #loveyourself


Be well!!