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Re: Changing psychologists

Hi @lemurien!
I don't think there is anything wrong about getting another opinion or seeing another professional if something isn't working for you. It can take a lot of trial and error to find a professional that fits our needs. I think it's great that you've tried going to another psychologist! I hope it ends up helping you. Smiley Happy
When I first started seeing my psychologist, I was told that it's okay with her if the sessions will not help me and I want to change psychologists. She said that she can help refer me to another support if I wanted to see someone else or needed something that she couldn't provide for me.  Fit between a provider and me is very important for me too. I once went through three different professionals for a condition I had before one was able to fully treat me. The first one was okay but didn't address the underlying problem, the second was just plain mean and misdiagnosed me and I ended up getting along with the third one and he successfully treated me. I think a good professional should respect your wishes. There have been times where I've been pressured into seeing a professional I could tell from the start I wasn't going to get any benefit out of seeing and just didn't like their approach, and they were able to respect my view when I communicated it to them.
Something you could say to your old psychologist is that you just want to try something different. I agree with @StormySeas17  that you don't have to go into a lot of detail as to why you want to see someone else.


Re: Changing psychologists

Thanks everyone for all the tips! it helped remind me to stick by my values in my relationship with my psychologist(s) - having a good fit is so so important.

@WheresMySquishy , I love that your psychologist said at the beginning that she'll help you find someone/something different if the sessions aren't helping. I told my current psych about my situation with the old one, and how hard it was for me to tell her it wasn't working out, and now she (new psych) checks in with me every so often to give me a space to express my opinion on the work we're doing. it really helps for someone like me who just wants to please everyone and say yes all the time Smiley Tongue