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Cocaine addiction

Hi guys just after some advice on what helps kick a developing cocaine addiction

Re: Cocaine addiction

Hey @Greg619 , 


Thanks so much for posting . There's some great services around that can help to support you if you're worried about your drug use or feel like you might be becoming addicted - chatting with people who specialise in this stuff can make a massive difference, and they can help you come up with a plan that works for you


Directline is a great first point of contact - it's available 24/7 either over the phone or online, and is staffed by experienced drug and alcohol counsellors who can help to support you and also suggest other support services


This page has a huge list of different support services for different areas in Australia, you can filter those by your location and see if any of them sounds like they appeal to you Smiley Happy 


Also just to let you know I've moved your post to the "Getting Help" section of our forums so that other people who've been through similar things might be able to jump in. 




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Re: Cocaine addiction

Hey @Greg619 


I think @Janine-RO gave really good advice and some great links to support that you can receive. I just wanted to check in and ask how you are today? Heart I hope you are doing okay Smiley Happy

Re: Cocaine addiction

Hi @Greg619 !


I just wanted to check in on you and see how you were going?

Re: Cocaine addiction

@Greg619  it's good to hear that you wanting to kick your cocaine addiction- have any of the resources suggested by @Janine-RO  been useful? Feel free to update us if you like Smiley Happy