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I was accepted into my top choice school for university(!!) But now I am having panic attacks and I am struggling to get good marks. I am terrified that my acceptance will be recinded and I feel so trapped like I'm drowning in this class. I am struggling so much and I have panic attacks all of the time.

Re: College

Hey @Asammy that's awesome that you got accepted! Is there anyone you can talk to about the panic attacks? Maybe you could talk to the teacher and ask for help or how you can get help with the workload?

Re: College

Hey @Asammy congratulations on getting into your top choice for school, thats awesome!


With the panic attacks have you had a chance to speak to someone about it, perhaps a local doctor or counsellor? Sometimes just speaking to someone about it can help you get the right treatment.


If you have 5 minutes, definitely have a read of the Panic Attacks information sheet, there is some great info in there that might help you move forward.


I've also noticed that you mention College, are you from the United States? If yes, you may find that the US Reachout website is better suited to help you going forward as all of our information on here is Australian focused.



Re: College

First of all, congrats!

It's amazing to be accepted at the top school.

I myself had the same issue. I got into the best university of my country, and for some reason, got very depressed. I could not get out of bed for almost six months, and nothing would help me. 

You see, some students are used to getting amazing grades at school so college marking system may be a huge shock to them. 

I personally FLOPPED, main reason for that being skipping classes. I didn't even bother to show up at uni most of the times. My major disappointed me, and I could not do anything about it. 

What helped me is getting a job.... when I was a Sophomore. I finally had something exciting to do so uni became much more bearable.