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Confused. Attention seeking or legit depressed?

 So a bit ago I made a post about how depressed I was at all times, but now I look at it and i'm confused. Whenever i'm around my friends or on my computer I do completely fine, but when somebody mentions it, im going to the therapist it just hits me, or maybe I bring it? I use it as an excuse at randoms times but when I have free time its always there. I think its pretty dumb of me to use it as a source of attention seeking but im not even sure if it really exists inside me.

Re: Confused. Attention seeking or legit depressed?

Hey @SomeKid, thanks for reaching out! It can be really tough to let anyone know how you are feeling.

So it sounds like you are saying that you are not sure whether you have depression because you don't feel that way all the time? Is depression something that you have been diagnosed with?

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Re: Confused. Attention seeking or legit depressed?

Hey @SomeKid


Thanks for posting! We're here for you. Emotions can be really confusing, huh? I'm wondering if you've mentioned these thoughts to your therapist?


It's possible to be unhappy sometimes and have important issues that need addressing, without being clinically depressed or being unhappy all the time! Alternately, it's possible to be depressed without being sad all the time. It might be that friends and your computer distract you and make you feel better, and that's a good thing! 


Personally, I have mental health issues but it doesn't mean I'm sad all of the time. I experience a range of emotions, including feeling love for my friends or laughing at funny internet memes, as well as depression feels. 


Regardless on whether you have depression or not, it's still great that you're talking to a therapist and working on getting mentally healthier! There is nothing at all wrong with asking for attention and support when you need it. 

Re: Confused. Attention seeking or legit depressed?

They say I have symptoms of depression, but not entirely sure about if I truly have it.


Re: Confused. Attention seeking or legit depressed?

Hey @SomeKid
I had a similar diagnosis back in high school. My doctor was like, "minor symptoms of depression, but not depressed" and I sat with it for months thinking what does it even mean. But, it really doesn't mean much, i was having bad days and good days and then really bad days and thats ok. 


I dont think it's dumb of you to use it as an excuse, personally, I have alot. It's like @DruidChild said emotions are complicated and they're always changing. I see a therapist as well, and 90% of the time, i feel like im attention seeking, it's not working, i dont need it etc but on other days, i see that it really helps. 


The thing is, sometimes with depression, it changes how we think, and i get that looking back the old post, it makes you feel a bit "huh, how come i felt that" or something similar, and it's normal to feel that too. The mind can play tricks on us, make us think a certain way and feel a certain way, but that doesn't invalidate how you feel or who you are Smiley Happy 

Re: Confused. Attention seeking or legit depressed?

How are you doing @SomeKid? I think that  @Mayaa99 made some really great and important points in their last post. 


Even if you have symptoms of depression without qualifying for a diagnosis of major depression, in my opinion you still deserve support and help. You're not making things up or being attention seeking. If things are tough it helps to talk about it and get support to solve problems, no matter whether you have a diagnosable mental illness or not. 


We're here to listen.