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Confused and worried

Hi and thanks for reading.

I'm 21 and I've been struggling with life due to issues I feel might be anxiety. I'm self diagnosed but I often show clear signs of anxiousness. 

I often act and speak without thinking (when it's not serious) and I have a big problem with memory. I'm planning to check with a doctor soon but I wanted to ask for ways to not let anxiety overpower me. 

P.s I've started mediting, I constantly try to reflect on my actions and behaviour

Re: Confused and worried

Hey @AnonymousPanda
Welcome Smiley Happy
I just wanted to share two of the things I find helpful with my anxiety and also my panic attacks.
First thing I do to calm myself down so I’m not feeling so anxious is to do some self talk.. I know it sounds a bit weird but like motivating myself helps calm me down! It can be like “I can get through this, don’t stress” or reminding myself I’m not alone and I can talk to people about stuff.
The second thing I do after I am calm is to do some grounding techniques but there are so many of these and everyone’s different so the ones I use may not be helpful to you so I suggest trying a few of those and seeing what’s best for you.. just google grounding techniques and you’ll find some websites with loads of examples!
Sorry if I’m not much help to you right now but I hope you find what’s helpful for you.. that’s something I really struggle with but you’ll get there eventually!

Re: Confused and worried

Thanks @Bananatime04 

This is exactly what I was looking for 😁


Re: Confused and worried

Hey @AnonymousPanda , im so glad to hear that @Bananatime04  was so helpful for you. 

Amazing advice @Bananatime04, thank you for sharing your experience and insights  Heart


Welcome to the forum @AnonymousPanda  - thank you for reaching out about your anxiety - it's awesome to hear you're trying meditation. Are you finding it helpful? 


ReachOut have a heap of resources, and ideas for how to help anxiety , and use grounding strategies - like banantime suggested! A really simple one is counting 3 things for each of the senses. Eg. 5 things you can see right now,  3 things you can smell etc. 


You can have a read through some other ideas here 

let us know how you're going, and if you give any of the ideas a go Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here