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Could I Be in Danger?

So, I may be in a dangerous situation but i'm not sure. My girlfriend of 3 years ( we are both 21) who has an extremely homophobic father told me that her stepfather let it slip to him the area that I live. I have reason to suspect that he thinks me and his daughter are dating and this just scares me a little because he made a comment to my girlfriend he'd never "let his daughter be a lesbian". When he was married to my girlfriend's mom, he threatened to harm himself when he was upset and otherwise has waved guns around which makes me worry that I'm putting myself and my family in potential danger.


I have no idea what to so. I thought maybe we should tell him that I have a boyfriend to throw him off our trail but my girlfriend and her mom dont think that's a good idea to lie to him. I'm worried what will happen if we tell him because she relies on him to pay some of her bills and the fact that he or one of his friends may become violent. She doesnt live with him but her step dad is best friends with her dad and he knows where she lives, obviously.


Does anyone have any advice or have been through something similar? Thanks in advance!

Re: Could I Be in Danger?

Hey @Tarfish, I am really sorry to hear this and it sounds like a distressing and scary situation. No one should have to feel scared about being with the one they love! I am definitely not an expert on this, however have you spoken to your parents about this? If you don't feel comfortable at your GF's house maybe the two of you could spend time at your house? If it was to escalates and become more threatening, you are able to speak to the police. I hope you and your GF are ok Smiley Happy

Re: Could I Be in Danger?

Hey @Tarfish, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that with us here. It sounds like a really scary and difficult situation to be in. It is challenging to keep your relationship covert for such a long time but it sounds like there is also a risk in divulging this information too. What do you think the best course of action is in this situation? Your safety is absolutely a priority in any decision that you make.

Just so you know, I edited a small detail out of your post as we do not allow graphic depictions of harm. Most importantly, do you feel comfortable in reporting the situation to the police, especially if the situation escalates? Please keep an eye on your emails, I will be sending you one Heart