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Re: Cya

@j95 really feeling for you Heart What did you do to keep yourself safe and feel better earlier today? 

Re: Cya

Hi @j95! I haven't been online for a bit, so I missed this, but now I'm here I have a bunch of things to say.


First off, no matter what I'll always consider you a part of this community. This place has always been so supportive to me and so many others, and since I joined years ago you've always been a huge part of that. Almost 22,000 posts! You've been the most active contributor to this community for so many years, and while I understand why you might want to leave, I really do hope you stay.


I'm really sorry to hear that you feel you aren't being heard and that people don't care about issues you feel to be really important, in particular indigenous culture. I want you to know that, even if no one else has heard what you've had to say, you've had a huge impact on ME, and the way I think about my country. I'm now much more conscious of indigenous culture, and how it's affected by the actions (and inactions) of me, my friends and family, and my politicians. I understand the importance of aboriginal voices in my society, and now look out for the aboriginal people in my life much more. I also now understand that the land I live on isn't mine - it belongs to the Wathaurong people. It is stolen land, and I don't think I ever really fully understood that before our conversations on here. You're a great ambassador for your culture jay, and I hope that if you do choose to leave RO, you continue to fight for indigenous rights in the other communities you belong to. As a white Australian, you've helped me to understand how alive the issue of racism is in my country, and how disgusting it is that it continues to happen - racism doesn't effect me, but it does effect you, a person I consider a friend, and because of that I've found myself time and time again speaking up when I see things that aren't okay. That's down to you mate. Thanks for educating me, and I'm sure so many others on this platform Smiley Happy


If you do choose to leave, I want to say thanks for all the fun we've had, and also all the hard times we've helped each other through. We're going to miss you, but please know that you're ALWAYS welcome back whenever!


(I hope you stay though. You're a legend mate. Stay safe Heart)