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Dad and his new girlfriend and very violent mother

Hey so I'm sorry if I come off as a spoiled teenager or something but I really need some advice.

As a child i had a very abusive mother, she had bipolar disorder and PTSD but refused to take medication for either, my mom would get quite aggressive even if it was over a little thing such as leaving a cup on the table, I have 2 older sisters who would just take my mothers abuse and still think she was the best mom in the world, however I couldn't do that.... I would stand up for my self, call my mom out, tell her what she was doing was bad and at times when she would do something especially aggressive (like the one time she physically abusive because I couldn't find matching socks) I would refuse to forgive her as a result of this I became the child my mom would go to whenever she was angry and honestly i'm glad it was me and not any of my other siblings, frankly all this abuse made me a very closed off person and it was hard for me to make friends and since my older sister that lived with us (the oldest doesn't live with me) was infatuated with my so called "perfect" mother she would treat me the same way my mom did by calling me names, hitting me and doing other horrible things so as a result i really only had my father, I never met my real dad and frankly I do not want to, i've had an amazing father figure in my life since I was 2 and i wouldn't trade him for anything else in the world! After years of my mother treating not only me but my dad awful as well they finally split up about a little more than two months ago.


For the first two weeks I was really happy, my dad and I would laugh and go places and we got to spend a lot of time together because it was school holidays at the time but than he had to enroll me into a new high school and since im in the senior highschool years I only managed to make "friends" a few days ago, when I started school again I started to see him less, at first it was because he was dealing with court but than it was because he started hanging out with this girl.... It was obvious that he was forming more than a friendship with her ane honestly she didnt even make an effort to get to know me so I had no reason to like her, matter of fact i really hate her because shes taking away the person who has always been there for me and at first i would've put his feelings before mine but one day she came over and i had a really bad day at school so i was crying and she said bye to me and since i didn't respond she told my dad and he went off at me which he would never do especially since i was upset. While he was going off at me he told me that yes those two were dating and i really dont like that idea at all, honestly shes making him act the same way my mom would make him act sometimes, and now i have no body, im at a new school with a bunch of people i dont know and i dont even have my dad to vent to when ive had a bad day.

Once again I am all alone.

Re: Dad and his new girlfriend and very violent mother

Hey @undead_kai, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing some of your story with us. First of all, I definitely do NOT think of you as a spoiled teenager. It sounds like you've been through a lot with your mum and I think you've been really brave.


I'm wondering if you've ever spoken to a psychologist or mental health professional about how you're feeling? 

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Re: Dad and his new girlfriend and very violent mother

No I haven't, i mean its just a bit awkward and thats why i went to this site so I dont physically have to speak to someone about my problems

Re: Dad and his new girlfriend and very violent mother

Yes I definitely understand where you are coming from in terms of wanting to speak to someone online so you don't have to do it in person, I have definitely done the same. I was just wondering if you would consider talking to your dad about how you feel? Perhaps he is just acting this way because he doesn't see your perspective, and once he does, he will understand. If you feel awkward about talking to your dad in person, maybe you could also try texting or writing an email to him about your thoughts?

Re: Dad and his new girlfriend and very violent mother

fair enough @undead_kai talking to people face to face about tough stuff isn't always easy. Could you try something like KidsHelpLine (1800 55 1800)?

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