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Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@Beautifullybroken  That's so true! One of my family members is currently seeing a professional who doesn't seem to understand that they aren't benefiting from the treatment, even though they have expressed this multiple times. Their symptoms actually get worse as they do the treatment. But the professional just keeps making up various excuses for it not working and getting them to persist with it. They don't seem to get that some people just don't respond to certain treatments.

I had one professional ask me every time I saw them, 'Is this helpful or unhelpful?' I think more people should do this.


Re: Dealing with medical professionals

I agree @Beautifullybroken @WheresMySquishy.

Responses to me saying that something isn't working can range from "okay, let's try something else" to basically "yes it is"

You might be able to guess which one I prefer.. Smiley Frustrated

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Guys!! Health direct has a question builder to help prepare for appointments!!!


It actually seems pretty easy to use, and has preset questions that you can choose from which is good if you struggle with putting together words.

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@Tiny_leaf  Thanks so much for this! It's so useful, especially as I'm seeing my ophthalmologist tomorrow (great timing!)

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@WheresMySquishy no problem, I hope it helps!!! (and that the appointment goes okay)
I was lucky enough to find it like a day after my specialist appointment Smiley Tongue

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

So I found this thing called Health At Every Size, and was really excited to share it here.

It turns out that RO beat me to it Smiley Tongue a fair while ago and already has an article on it:


It looks really helpful for people with body image issues, or people like me who were totally freaked out about weight vs wellbeing in a heath class taught by a bored looking sports teacher (surely it's not just me who's had that happen?).


In healthcare, it's basically size neutral care that respects that there is no "perfect" size or shape, and that there is a huge diversity in healthy bodies.

It takes the focus away from appearance and weight, and shifts it back over to health and wellbeing.


There's an Australian HAES website here: that lets you find doctors who use a HAES framework.


I thought this might be useful for anyone whose treatment has been negatively affected by how health professionals think about their weight. 

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Hey @Tiny_leaf thank you so much for sharing the HAES website and for bringing up the topic of Health at Every Size. It can definitely be difficult when our health care professionals do not work under this principle!

To add to the resources you listed I would really like to share a free podcast that I would suggest for anyone interested in developing a healthy relationship to food/ body shape/ size. They are available for free on Spotify too! The woman who runs it is a counsellor who helps people to heal their relationship to food and discusses the topic with other professionals. In my experience with the podcast she ensures not to use any triggering language to ensure it is safe for people with a disordered relationship to food to listen to.