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Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Hi @Tiny_leaf,


What a brilliant idea! How did you find the process of making them?


I'm actually wondering if this is something you would be interested to make a thread on in the forums, specifically around the idea of the medical communication cards and how to make them? (Eg: Some prompting questions others can use to make one too!)


I remember years ago thinking about what information I should carry with me in case of a panic attack, and I used to carry a letter in my pocket. The medical communication card is an even better idea!


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Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@Jess1-RO my main issue was trying to arrange them into an attractive card, plus my usual fussing over word choices.. Other than that it wasn't difficult really.


Oooh I like that idea, no idea what questions should be included though... 

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Hey @Tiny_leaf I’m just letting you know I hope you are doing well and I’m thinking of you Heart

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Hey @Tiny_leaf ,

Thanks so much for sharing that! 


What a proactive thing to make a card like that. 


I hope you dont mind me asking, and please don't answer if you dont feel comfortable, but I was just wondering is this something you carry with you and show to a medical professional every time you see them or only in some situations? 


How have found people have responded to you when you have shown the card? 

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@Tiny_leaf  I think that's a great idea! I kind of want to make one for my eyes and vision problems, especially when I'm trying to get around on my own or need something read to me. I've seen medical bracelets for other disabilities, but nothing that really describes my issues.

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Thanks @Bananatime04 Heart

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@Mcro I haven't used it yet, though the main idea for me is to be able to take it into the emergency department when I need, though I'll probably use it when I meet new doctors as well.

I'll let you know if I do have to use it though. 


Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@WheresMySquishy that sounds like a really good idea!

Definitely easier to read than a medical bracelet as well..

There's a company called Stickman Communications, which I'd definitely recommend looking into. They have communication cards for a lot of conditions, so they might have something that works for you already made. 

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

@Tiny_leaf  That company sounds awesome! I had a look at their website and showed some of my family members. I think my sister would benefit from their products. Smiley Happy

An alternative could be an ICE message on your phone (I've thought about that too).
I've also seen some 'Just Can't Wait' cards for people with stomach issues.

Re: Dealing with medical professionals

Such a great idea! I hope you find it useful when you decide to use it, I am sure you will. Will be a clear way to relay information to someone new! Good luck and let me know how it goes.