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Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Hi guys, I'm 21 and have been dealing with acne since my teens and more recently in the past year have developed rosacea another skin condition which is rare to get at my age and is incurable, it involves constant facial redness, inflammation, bumps, pimples and swelling. A lot of people don't really know about it and think that the person has been sun burnt or has a fever or really flustered/ embarrassed. Stress is a common trigger and is definitely one for me! It is really frustrating to have as it has made me really self conscious and have low self-esteem, when I talk to people I always think they're looking at my skin which then makes my skin flare up a little and I don't go out much to bars or parties as I used to as my skin has been so sensitive to makeup lately so I can't just simply cover it up and I don't want to constantly think about it the whole night! It has made me very anxious and depressed at times, it is so tiring to live like this!

I would like to hear other people's experiences of living with skin problems, how it affected your confidence in socialising, dating, relationships, work, etc because I know I'm not alone in this it would just be reassuring for me to hear.

I would also really like to know if theres any other young people who have rosacea, what treatment and products have worked for you?



Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Hi @Jasperswim welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing. I can relate as I use to get acne and also eczema, my acne flared up more when I was in a really stressful job. It definitely effected my confidence and self-esteem at the time. Have you seen a dermatologist regarding your skin condition? I ended up seeing my GP who prescribed some cream for my Eczema and it thankfully went away. I would recommend seeing a dermatologist or your gp for any specific recommendations Heart In terms of how it effected my socialising or relationships, I just did my best not to focus on it and enjoy my time with family and friends. At the end of the day I knew they loved me for me and not for my appearance and I'm sure the same applies for you Smiley Happy

Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Yes I saw a dermatologist last year when I went through a bad flare up but she didn't help much, the antibiotics just made me feel sick and the creams I tried just broke me out. She told me that theres not much I can do about the rosacea, just avoid the usual triggers and follow a simple skin care routine, which is a bummer to hear but because everyone doesn't fully know the root causes to this skin condition I believe there are ways to treat this that dermatologists don't usually recommend. I've read on the online forum how some people have tried supplements,  topical creams, natural therapies, probiotics and anti-inflammatory foods to improve their rosacea. A lot of people end up finding things themselves. I am aware that not all of these will help for me and I have checked with my GP about the safety of adding supplements to my diet. I know that stress and a bad stomach trigger my flare ups. Taking linseeds, omega-3 and a strong course of probiotics everyday has really helped with my IBS as well as some inflammation on my skin but I still got to give it a few more months to really see a significant improvement. I am also taking low dose antidepressants for my stress as my GP reckons that will help with the flare ups and it has every now and then so far. My GP said that if I don't see much improvement I could try a low dose of roaccutane. So I have quite a few options so far.

My GP has referred me to another dermatologist who also specialises in allergies as Ive recently had bad allergic reactions on my skin so hopefully it'll work out better than the last dermatologist. 

I definitely agree with your statement about friends and family loving you for who you are, they always tell me that when I tell them my skin struggles, I know I just gotta stop worrying about it all the time but thats easier said than done sometimes but talking to people has really helped for me Smiley Happy 

Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Hi @Jasperswim wow sounds like you've tried a whole range of things, hopefully the new dermatologist will be able to better assist Smiley Happy it's a hard one as we all respond and react to things differently health wise so it's definitely about finding what works best for you. It's great your friends and family are loving and supportive Heart I know trying not to worry about it is easier said than done at times but all we can do is try our best. Hope you've had a great weekend Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Your right we are all different health wise, I really appreciate your time to chat about this it really helps to get other opinions and yes I had a nice weekend thanks, hope you did too!

Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Hey @Jasperswim, while I don't have the same skin conditions as you do (I have eczema), I did experience a similar situation to you in terms of my experience with skin problems. Like you, stress is a trigger for my eczema as I got diagnosed with it around my year 12 exams (I know, perfect timing haha). Also like you, I did become really self-conscious about it because it caused a lot of hyperpigmentation, especially around my legs (it kinda looked like I got severe scarring), and as a result I wore jeans like all the time to cover this up. Eventually I realised this was not feasible in the hot summer, and so I made the bold decision to go back to wearing dresses, shorts, etc. that showed off my legs. Weirdly enough, despite myself thinking that everyone would notice my eczema, hardly anyone did. I was so surprised! And if people did notice, I would explain to them that it was my eczema and that would be the end of it. My point is, if people did somewhat criticise you for having it, then that's their problem, not yours. After all, it's not our fault we have these skin problems! I totally agree with you that stop worrying about it is easier said than done, it's going to take some time to accept this but you'll definitely get there eventually.  Having your friends and family supporting you through this will help you achieve that. Now, I don't get self-conscious about it anymore and just accepted it for what it is Smiley Happy


By the way, how did your new dermatologist go? I also visited an allergy specialist a year and a half ago and I found it really helpful in determining whether my eczema was caused by any allergens.


Apologies for the long post! I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you have any questions about this! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Thank you for sharing your story and yeh I kinda have a similar experience with people not caring that much like theres always some people who wonder why my face just randomly flares up and why I can't just put some cream on but its not that easy I wish it was!! But most people like my friends aren't fussed about it and tell me it really isn't that bad. I just wish it wasn't on my face, a body part that people always look at first you know. Honestly I feel kinda jealous that your skin condition was on your legs not your face, I wouldn't worry so much, I hope that doesn't sound ignorant though I know that it will still impact you mentally and the uncomfortable feelings with flare ups that you can't always control! 


I haven't seen my new dermatologist yet I really hope it goes well and Im not wasting my time and money! Did you do a patch test where they put the patches on your back? Did you find out if you were allergic to certain substances? 



Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Hey @Jasperswim, thanks for the reply Smiley Happy. I forgot to mention in my previous post that I initially got really bad eczema on my face as well (it was so bad even heavy amounts of foundation concealer couldn't fix it!) - so I can relate to self-conscious feelings of knowing that your face is the first thing people notice. To quickly clarify, may I ask if you had people commenting about your face randomly flaring up?

To answer your questions... I haven't done a patch test before but I did do the skin prick test (the patch test sounds a bit less painful though! haha). While they didn't find that my eczema wasn't caused by any allergens, I still didn't think it was a waste of time and money as now I know it is not caused by any allergens.

Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Mainly at work I get comments about my flare ups as working at a register in a cold dry grocery store triggers my rosacea as well as the busyness and difficult customers. Some of my coworkers have asked me if I've had an allergic reaction or whats wrong with my face but because I've told them about my condition they're more understanding now. Back at school some kids and my siblings would ask why I'm so red it was so embarrassing at the time and made me confused why I go red suddenly (I didn't know I had rosacea at the time). I can tell sometimes as well that customers would notice my face is different but they don't say anything to not be rude.

I've heard about the skin prick test but my allergic reactions have been caused by topical products so I've been recommended a patch test, even though I've had one done and found negative results, but my next patch test is supposed to test different ingredients and more of them. Yeah its good to just know if I am or not allergic to anything as I had a colonoscopy done and the doctor checked if I had any intolerances or allergies to anything but luckily I don't so it has made some things more clear.


Re: Dealing with skin issues - acne, rosacea

Hey @Jasperswim how are you feeling now around all of this?  Have you heard of the podcast "Two Sugars"? They have an episode on physicality's that frustrate us and can bring us down, I found it very enlightening for myself. How are you feeling about the next patch test? Look forward to hearing from you soon Smiley Happy