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Re: Depressed...

Hey @TyTy. You're definitely not alone.

And it is really difficult to change the way you feel about yourself when you feel that way. Something that helped me when I began trying to do that was to physically write down the thoughts that I was having and then cross them out and write down a kinder thought, several times. Do you think that's something you could try?

In regards to the fact that there are other people going through tough stuff, that's definitely true, but it doesn't change or invalidate what you're going through. Your feelings are real and important and entirely separate from anyone else's struggles. Something that helps me is to remind myself that suffering isn't a competition. We all have different struggles, and they're hard for us in different ways.


How are you feeling today?  

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Re: Depressed...

Hello everyone, making slow improvements in my life. Started gyming again and had a really good workout today, I pushed to my limits and felt strong for once. I haven't had a mini breakdown in like 2 days. I usually had a mini breakdown everyday, so it's an improvement i guess 😁. I think if i work hard and lose weight then it'll boost my confidence and self esteem if I look better and feel better because I'll be healthier and would've finally achieved something in losing weight. It's nothing big or extravagant but it's somewhere to start 

Re: Depressed...

@TyTy that's awesome! There's some really good evidence that exercise is a great way to counteract depression, so I reckon you're on the right track. It may not change things overnight but keep at it - you'll get there Smiley Happy

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Re: Depressed...

@lokifish is right @TyTy exercise is a fantastic self-care strategy!


Also I found this link on RO which talks about self-care and depression that you might find helpful, exercise is on the list!

Re: Depressed...

Well... what a crappy weekend. I had nothing to do as usual which left me alone with my thoughts..... whenever I'm alone with my thoughts i always find myself talking negatively about myself, it's hard to shake this way of thinking when I actually believe the negative things about myself. A lot of the time I think it'd just be easier if I died... But i couldn't do that to my parents, that's probably the only thing that keeps me from suicide, the pain I would put my parents through if I did so. I'm still constantly thinking of all my regrets whenever I'm feeling down, just thinking about how good my life could've been had I actually put in some effort and stopped letting fear run my life. I don't believe that I'm destined for anything special like I've always dreamt of.. But not all dreams come true i guess. 

Re: Depressed...

@TyTy Sounds like a hard weekend, well done for jumping on here. I hope we can help you through this. It's really heavy to think of ending your life, so I am very thankful your parents are something you think about in that sense. When sitting alone for long periods it is easy to go down a rabbit hole and start talking negatively to ourselves.


Why do you feel your not destined for anything special? What are you saying to yourself when you're sitting at home? Remember too there's services like Kids Helpline (they work with up to 25 year olds) where you can chat to a counsellor when you're feeling low.


Look forward to hearing from you. We're always here to listen and support.

Re: Depressed...

Well usually i think about why I've done nothing with my life and haven't taken any of the opportunities I've been afforded, then I feel useless and worthless because when I was a kid I had potential academically and i love sports so you'd think any normal kid would work on their academics if their good at it or play sports and work on it if they love it.... But not me, I let my insecurities get the better of me time and time again and that's why I am the failure i am. I don't like who i am, my character is weak, I can't control my emotions, there's nothing I'm good at. I often look at people i grew up and we were in the same situation but they've done something with the chances they been given but I haven't... I don't I'm destined for anything special because everyone who achieved success is strong mentally and emotionally, they strive for the best because they know their worth and are actually worthy of greatness. 

Re: Depressed...

Hey @TyTy thank you for sharing. You are  very self-aware, this is incredible. You nailed it. The core issue sounds like as you said - you don't like who you are. This makes it very difficult to support yourself or sit and reflect on your desires because if you don't like yourself you may not feel worthy of them. You are so very worthy. I hope this community helps you see the good traits in yourself, and perhaps breaks down your fear so that you can begin to do the things you've thought of doing. A good counsellor could help with this too - have you considered seeing one?


When you were growing up did someone ridicule you, or say something to you that made you scared to try things or think you're not worthy?


I am going to tag some other members to get their input too Heart


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Re: Depressed...

Hey @TyTy as @Bree-RO said, you have great self awareness and that was really noticeable in your response. It seems like you really don't see yourself worthy of much at the moment although I'm pretty grateful that you've come to RO and shared this with us, it shows you that you really do want to change and I hope that we can help you work through it Smiley Happy.

It can be hard to seek help when you feel like you're not worthy but once you take that step it can really be helpful.

Re: Depressed...

Hey @TyTy Welcome to the group.

Going through high school for me was tough. I was tall skinny and got bullied lots. I never let it get to me. Also when i finished 12 i thought i knew what i wanted to do. I tried being a chef and failed. I still dont know what to do. Just working full time.


Your parent's should be proud of you no matter what you do. I'm always active on the formus if you need advice or a chat.

I miss my friend Andy Dufresne.