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What can I take to get the toxins in drugs out of my body?


Re: Detoxing

Hi @cray 


Your best bet is talking to your gp. They have to keep things confidential unless someone's at risk, in case that's a concern for you.

If you've just stopped taking drugs, it might also be useful to talk to them about withdrawal.


You can also try contacting Counseling Online, they're experienced in helping people with drug or alcohol related issues and might be able to help.


Re: Detoxing

Hey @cray , I think that @Tiny_leaf  is spot on in that having a chat to a GP could be a great first step. Depending on what kinds of drugs you're talking about, the alcohol and drug information service in NSW can also give you advice and support, you can contact them on Phone: 1800 250 015. 


If you're currently concerned about your health and want to talk to a health care professional who can advise you on the best steps to take, you can also try HealthDirect, which is a free service, on 1800 022 222, you can also check out their website here which has a symptom checker. 


I hope that helps a bit - did you feel comfortable telling us a bit more about what's happening for you? 


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