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Distraction Techniques

Hi Everybody,
Soon I will be finishing up my six psychology sessions at my local mental health clinic, and these sessions have consisted of learning about different distraction techniques that I can use when I am ruminating on thoughts.
The first distraction technique I learned was STOP. STOP is an acronym for: 
S = Stop.
T = Take a step back.
O = Observe.
P = Proceed mindfully.
In elaboration, STOP means:
T = Take a step back. You can do this mentally or physically. Also take a deep breath.
O = Observe. What is going on? What is going on inside of you? What is going on outside of you? What feelings are you experiencing? What thoughts are you experiencing?
P = Proceed mindfully. You want to consider the appropriateness of your actions and the way that they impact the people that are involved in the situation that you are exposed to.
I have not familiarized myself with the second and third ones and when I do I will edit this post to include them!

Re: Distraction Techniques

@goldilocks awesome! Thank you for sharing this Smiley Happy

Re: Distraction Techniques

Hi @cupcakes_032,


I am going to include the other two I learned now Smiley Very Happy