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I wasn't sure where to post this but this seems like the best place.


At the moment I am really struggling and feeling totally overwhelmed with life to the point I am self-harming and contemplating suicide.

I'm trying to stay strong and around majority of people in my life pretend as though everything is fine -I'm the 'strong one' and feel stupid for feeling the way I do...

I've tried reaching out to people but just feel like a burden to everyone and that everyone is annoyed with me.


I have in the passed been diagnosed with OCD, depression, anxiety and recently been classed as 'borderline eating disorder'....


I feel stupid. I don't feel I have the 'right' to be feeling the way I am... And all this is made harder by labels, judgment and lack of support from everyone including my own family.


I'm not sure what to do right now and would really love some distractions for my thoughts...





Re: Distractions?

Hi Bubblez Smiley Very Happy


Great to see you here on the forums! 

I'm sorry to hear that life just isn't being very fair to you at the moment but I've think you've made a really positive decision by posting on here.

I'm sure you've done a bit of exploring and found that's it's a very supportive space here. Smiley Happy

We all need help at different times of our lives and it's a good move to open up and speak about it just to let it out.

I normally rely on my sisters for a bit of guidance. There are lots of places and people you can check out and talk to as well who are more than willing to give you a hand or just to chat or whatever.

Lots of people rkn Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 are amazing and I don't doubt they are.

Keep posting on here if you rkn that helps and keeps you happy. Smiley Happy


And here's a little distraction that'll make you smile. Smiley Happy Enjoy




Re: Distractions?

hey bubblez,


When I want to distract myself from negative feelings I try and make sure I'm covering a whole bunch of bases, so I don't lean too heavily on one thing.


These are the things on my list of options:

talk to a professional

talk to a friend

talk to a family member 

watch a movie that makes me laugh (tv and youtube counts)

get as much exercise as I can cope with (even if it's just walking to the shops)

say out loud "STOP" every time I catch myself thinking negatively

do something to self care (warm bath/massage/good book/whatever works)

write a list of the things in my life that I'm grateful for

re-read my books about positive thinking etc to remind myself I can cope


I often don't manage to do them all, sometimes my friends/family are busy or I don't feel lke doing one of the other things etc. but I have found that by compiling a full list of distractions that help me feel a little better, I often end up feeling a lot better when I utilise a bunch of them.


Smiley Happy


Re: Distractions?

Hey there Bubblez, I just wanted to add that some of our factsheets have some really practical lists of things you can do when you are thinking about suicide.


When you are thinking about ending your life, something to always try is to postpone any decision to end your life. While it may feel like you have to act now on your thoughts of how to attempt suicide, try to postpone that decision.


Keep a list of other things you can do to distract yourself. This might include: watching television; playing sport; going to the movies; ringing a friend; going for a walk; reading a book; listening to music.


Many people report that by putting off a decision to die, they found that their life did change. They were able to get the support they needed and could move on to a better, happier place.


One other thing to remember is thoughts are just thoughts - and thoughts do not have to turn into action. They can just stay as thoughts.... To find out more about making your own safe plan, click here. Or try this one for a list of other things you can do when you are contemplately suicide.

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