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Does My Crush Hate Me?

I've been talking to a guy (Let's call him Adam) for a while now and we've become really close friends. I share a lot with him and he shares a lot with me. Since we started hanging out, one of our friends (Let's call him Ash) started shipping us. At first, Adam thought it was a joke and would just laugh it off or say (whenever a friend said I had a crush on him) "I won't believe it until she says it herself." It used to really annoy me and so I took it upon myself to tell him. I was afraid he would hate me but when I told him, all he said was "I am honored." We make a lot of jokes about it and subtly flirt. But then Ash told me something last night.
He claimed that Adam had been inviting girls over to his house and hanging out with them. Ash said that he thinks Adam wants to do 'things' with them and that I probably have no chance with him.

Does this mean he hates me? I don't understand.

Re: Does My Crush Hate Me?

Hi there @LittleBoxOfHeartbreak. Welcome to ReachOut!

I think that it's great that you and Adam have become close and even more super that you had the courage to confess your feelings! From what you have said, it doesn't seem like Adam hates you, hate is a very strong emotion which I don't think he is showing because he clearly likes spending time with you as friends and joking. The fact that he said he is "honoured" to be your crush shows in itself that he doesn't hate you. There could be a chance that he likes you back if you both make jokes about it and are subtly flirting as you say Smiley Happy

I can see why you're worried and confused that Adam would be flirting with you and hanging out with other girls at the same time.. Ash seems like a good friend as he is looking out for you by telling you things.. but just from my own experience, I don't think you have zero chance with Adam even if Ash thinks so. Adam never said anything himself about his intentions with the other girls and he hasn't told Ash that he doesn't want to be with you. Why do you think that Ash reckons Adam is having possible romantic intentions with the other girls?

Perhaps just give it some time. Time for Adam to work out what his feelings truly are towards you. And after a while if he is still hanging around with the other girls it wouldn't be wrong of you to just ask him about them, you two seem close so I don't think he would be offended that you asked.

Good luck with it all!

Re: Does My Crush Hate Me?

Thanks @Ladybug . I really appreciate the advice. 

Re: Does My Crush Hate Me?

Hey @LittleBoxOfHeartbreak, just wanted to check in. How are things going? Smiley Happy 

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