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Dog training stress


Re: Dog training stress

Hi @Matty D.


Stubborn animals can be really stressful...


I don't know if you're looking for any training ideas or just support, but I'll be online for a while if you need anything. 

Re: Dog training stress

Hey there @Matty D,


It's great that you're being aware of the guidelines when you're posting Smiley Happy


Training a dog is definitely a difficult task, and you are more than welcome to use RO as a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes just venting about the stress we're under can be a great way of relieving some of that stress, especially when we already know what we're feeling is okay. 


It sounds like the advice your dad offered wasn't that helpful, is that right? If you are looking for dog training tips, there might be some good resources online that you could try. What do you think? 


Good luck with the training! Smiley Happy 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Dog training stress


Re: Dog training stress

Hi @Matty D,

It sounds like you have been very patient with training her. How old is your dog MattyD? Is walking something you enjoy doing together?


We would love to hear how you go with the online training tips and if there are any ones that catch your eye Smiley Happy


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Re: Dog training stress


Re: Dog training stress

Hi @Matty D 

That's great that you're sticking with the guidelines! You didn't breach it by saying your dog's breed so all good. That sounds really tough, my puppy was hard to potty train too! 

Re: Dog training stress