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Don't know how to be motivated

I am really slim, i have always struggled to put on weight, i started to gain weight in 2013, which was awesome, but then i got depression and now i have a habit of skipping meals, so far i have lost kilos because of it, i dont know how to motivate myself to eat when i am feeling down. What foods will help me put on weight? 


Re: Don't know how to be motivated

Hey there @Dory 


It's great to see that you have noticed you are skipping meals and are wanting to do something to become more healthy. You sound like someone who is pretty self aware of their feelings and behaviours, so it's cool that you have come to the ReachOut forums for some extra advice.


I wonder if you have read this information on the ReachOut website about healthy eating? It talks about having a balanced diet and also links you to some healthy meal and snack ideas.


If you are interested in putting on weight then it might be a good idea to consult with a gp or dietician as they would be the people most qualified to go over this with you! If it is something that is really worrying you, you could also check out the Butterfly Foundation website to see if there is any information on there that may be relevant to you.


Have you ever spoken to your family or friends about what is going in for you regarding meal skipping and weight loss/gain?



Re: Don't know how to be motivated

Hey @Dory,

Thanks for posting. I had to edit your post a little bit to keep it within the Commuity Guidelines, I hope you don't mind. The guidelines are there to keep ReachOut a safe and supportive place for everyone, so some kinds of descriptions aren't allowed, like mentioning specific weights, as they may be triggery for people with eating disorders.

I think the advice you've been given in the previous response was pretty spot on, so I'll just agree with that. Smiley Happy


Good luck in finding an eating pattern that helps you stay healthy!



Re: Don't know how to be motivated

Others have given such excellent help/supprt. 

Just wanted to add that make sure you are looked after by your GP with the depression.


And dont worry about not being motivated in the past. Focus on the future, the past is just a learning experience.


Take care.

Re: Don't know how to be motivated

Thankyou that is of great help to me, yes my family and friends are aware of my situation, they are very supportive, though it all comes down to me in the end. I shall try my best Smiley Happy

Re: Don't know how to be motivated

Thank you for your posts, it's been a great help. I am getting help for my depression and anxiety. My family are aware of my situation and are very supportive, it all comes down to me in the end and i plan to get better Smiley Happy

Re: Don't know how to be motivated

Hey @Dory
I just wanted to offer my support and encouragement and don't give up. It takes 30 days for something to become a habit so keep going and definitely get assistance from a GP or a nutritionist.

Take care stay safe and be healthy Smiley Happy
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Re: Don't know how to be motivated

@Dory. The others have some great suggestions.
Have you tried sustagain (spelling) or protein shakes. I know for me when I had an ED I was out on then when I could my eat. And now I still enjoy them to make sure I stay healthy andget enough vitamins and protein because I'm vegetarian.
Hope this helps a bit. But as mentioned I recommend seeing a dietitian Smiley Happy
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Re: Don't know how to be motivated

I have seen a nutritionist and got put on a special diet, but since I have depression i was unable to stick to it. I would like try some simple things again, protein shakes sounds like a good idea. Thank you Smiley Happy.

Re: Don't know how to be motivated



-Emphasising protein shake as great idea (mass gainer- in particular). To bulk this up further, you can buy additional carbohydrates to mix straight in, or add ingredients in a blender such as oats, fruits, etc.


-If your super serious about putting on weight, I think your going to have to have a schedule of when to eat and what (like what body builders do). You have to be super strict with what your doing and create a HABIT out of it.


This single quote is posted on my gyms wall at Fitness First : "Motivations is what  gets you started and habit is what  keeps you going"


another quote to emphasise this importance "routine is like a stack of cards, take one out and they all fall down"


So if you want serious change, and serious results. You have to work through the pain and COMMIT.


This is just my perspective, if anyone has better or complementary ideas, I would be happy to hear!