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Don't know where to go from here

Here's where I'm at. I wanted to start counselling again, so I contacted my uni, but they're booked out for the next two weeks. And cause they're so busy, I would only be able to make an appointment scheduled in the earliest once ever three weeks, and I'm not guaranteed the same counsellor every time. I don't know what hat to do. It was my last resort cause it's free and easy for me to get to. I feel let down. 


Re: Don't know where to go from here

Hey @friz

Thanks for sharing this with us here on ReachOut! Sorry to hear that the uni counselling service is so busy Smiley Sad


There are lots of ways to get helpthough.


Have a read here!


Also there's lots more articles here if you want to learn a bit more Smiley Happy 


Let us know if anything there works for you and if we can help you talk through options!


Re: Don't know where to go from here

Hey @friz that would've been really frustrating! I totally understand why you feel let down, but try not to let this experience dishearten you or make you think that there isn't help out there, because there definitely is! 


@Ben-RO linked you to some really helpful info on how and where to find all different types of help. Shout out if you have any questions or just want to have another chat.