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Drug abuse

Hey, I need help. My friend uses weed every day about 4 times a day as well as smokes probably 5/7 times a day. We need to move  Out soon for school and I'm worried he's going to drop out if he can't use it anymore. He keeps saying that he thinks he won't last a month. And I don't know what to do to be there for him. He has no money to get professional help, and he keeps saying that it's not even that bad and he's in no rush to quit. I don't know what to say. Drugs are bad but weed isn't th enough worst one. But it hurts me to see that, and smoking in general. I just don't know what to do, I want to save his life. He's only 20, and I think if he keeps using drugs he'll ruin his life. Please help me. 




Re: Drug abuse

hi there and welcome!

If your friend is willing to get help, headspace is a free service with a gp mental health care plan and they help people whom are aged 14-25 so hes definently within that age bracket. ill have a look for you as well to see if i can find some resources that might be helpful
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Drug abuse


these might be helpful for you 


perhaps @gina-RO@Jay-RO @Jess1-RO could link in some other services as well

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Drug abuse

Hey there @Pearlpancake , thank you for asking for help here about your friend - I can hear how much you care about him, and what a good friend you are. 

It can so hard to know what to do when it comes to a friends choice about drugs  - especially when we see it negatively impacting them. 


Maybe you could have a conversation with him about the other things he wants in life and how he can work towards achieving them. This may help him to think about how to cut down his use of weed, in order to balance his life with other things. Ultimately he will make choices, and all you can do is help him to understand how his choices may impact his life. Sometimes making a pros and cons list is helpful for people when deciding if they want to change their behaviour. 


The resources that @scared01 has shared are excellent places to start. 


When you say school, is that university? Most universities have free counselling and support services that he could look into accessing. 


Headspace is a free service that would be able to assist him with this. 

Another good place to to look into local NA meetings - there are AA and NA meetings  (free of charge) in pretty much every single area, and they may be something he could look into for help decreasing his use. 

The biggest thing is that he has to be open to getting support - Is  he open at all to getting help if it is free and accessible for him? 


It's also super important that you look after yourself while you support him. Make sure you're taking time to care for yourself and get your own sources of support. Heart




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Re: Drug abuse

hi @Pearlpancake, how have you been? Smiley Happy


you could have a chat with your friend about things like why he isn't in a rush to quit - is there something else going on in his life and he's using weed and smoking to cope with it? and if he decides he would like to quit after maybe doing the pros and cons list that @gina-RO suggested, are there other coping strategies that might be more helpful? 


there's a great website called 'Your Room' ( which has information on different drugs as well as resources to contact - a good one is the Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS) which you can call anytime for information on if there are any free services around if your friend would like further support. here's a link on ADIS:


i think it's a difficult situation.. feeling worried about your friend and his future and seeing him continuing with the weed/smoking. i guess in the end, it's up to him if he's willing to quit, and it can be really difficult as a friend to watch if he decides not to for now, but as long as he knows that you care and want to understand what's going on for him... in saying that, please also remember to seek support for yourself if you would like some (you can also call ADIS for this) - you sound like a very caring friend Smiley Happy 


please feel free to keep us updated if you would like!Heart


Re: Drug abuse

Hi @Pearlpancake,

There are a large number of resources on the internet that covers this problem. I can advise a few of them:

1. (here you can find scientific info about drug addiction) I think Wikipedia will not surprise you=)

2. (This's a cool site about addiction and helpful info )

3. ( There's a lot of information about treatment centers and the consequences of drug addiction)

I can advise even more sources as I was interested in this some time. Smoking weed isn't the worst, especially if you stop in time. You're a good friend once you try to help him. 

I hope that your friend will understand in time what damage he's doing to his health and stop.




Re: Drug abuse

Hello @Pearlpancake, you have been given some fantastic resources to check out. Just checking in to see how you're going with your friend? Heart


Re: Drug abuse

Hey @Pearlpancake , I think it is amazing he has a friend like you in such a situation because it makes such a big difference as you can sometimes get lost into the drug use and especially weed if you are smoking so regularly.
I have had a few friends myself really struggle with stopping and I understand how it is so hard and can be exhausting on you as a friend seeing him like that everyday.
If you don't mind me asking, how long has he been using it regularly for? I think even though for you it may seem like your words are not doing much, but I think that consistency is really something that helps them so much as they are sure to think about it as well.
I think as a friend, if you haven't experienced such substances before then it will soo good to read up about weed. For example reading about why people feel like they have to smoke everyday, how it makes them feel etc (you can also ask him directly after reading some info which will be even better!) and really importantly understanding the withdrawal symptoms and struggles he will have once he tries to quit at different time points, which defs includes that next 1st day he tries to not smoke as that will be one of the hardest and biggest steps to overcome. I think understanding little factors like these will allow you to understand him more and also may give you more insight into how to help him, if not stop completely, then cut down his usage which is a huge achievement you both should be proud of as it is much harder than it seems!
Let me know what you think, I am always here to talk about this stuff and answer any questions when you need as I understand how hard it is!