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Drug addiction

Hey guys.. I only just signed up to this site.. I’m 26 years old and for the last 4 years I’ve had a serious drug abuse problem mainly cocaine.. and I don’t know how to about getting help as I am ashamed and scared to talk about my problems at the same time.. want to talk to people who’s been in this situation

Re: Drug addiction

Hi @Coreywolt and welcome to ReachOut.

It takes so much courage to recognise when there might a problem with drug use, and even moreso to take that step to talk to someone about it. We are so grateful that you have taken this step and trusted in our community. We hope you find this is safe and supportive space Smiley Happy


We often hear that taking that first step and knowing where to get help (and help that is going to be supportive and non-judgemental) is huge. It sounds like you may be thinking about seeking help, is this correct? 


We are happy to chat through some support options with you Smiley Happy One service ReachOut refer to is Turning Point, who have a fantastic forum (counselling online peer support forum) specifically for people recovering from alcohol and drug use- there are a ton of like minded people who are super supportive! 


What is your support network like at the moment? (ie: friends, family)


Just a quick flag that our forums content is made for young people aged 14-25, so not everything may be as relevant but I think it would definitely be worth having a search in our forums for other people who are going through similar things Smiley Happy You are not alone 


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Re: Drug addiction

Hi @Coreywolt

Just wanted to check in and see how you are going this week?

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