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ED blaming myself - TW

I have orthorexia (or so me and my parents think). I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for it and I feel beyond guilty about starting this whole thing. I feel like I'm a burden to my parents and that I've made their lives hard, and honestly I'm just scared I've made them sad or upset. I don't want them to blame themselves because theyre the best parents ever (or in my opinion ahaha). I feel so so bad for making them worry about me and have to invest in therapy. I don't know how to cope with feeling like this, does anyone have any advice? 


Re: ED blaming myself - TW

hi @Bodie


Welcome to the RO forums - I'm so glad you found us and had the courage to share what you're going through. You'll find that this is a really supportive community! If you'd like to get to know some other members, head here to introduce yourself, or here to hang out and play some games 


Have you been to your doctor's appointment yet today? Going to the doctor is an amazing  step towards your wellbeing! Well done. Heart
Feeling guilty is really common for people when reaching out for the support they need, and it's a really awful feeling - but try to remember that you are worthy of help and support. 

Everyone deserves to be well, and to receive the medical and emotional support that they need to get there - including you! 
I don't know your specific situation, but it sounds like your parents love and care about you  - that means that they would definitely prefer to know about what's happening so that they can support you through this

I'm going to tag some of our other members to offer their insight and support  - @LeoTheLion @mrmusic @scared01  @safari93 @letitgo
Let us know how you go today Heart

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