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Eating disorder validity

I don't feel like my eating disorder is valid. I avoid help because I think it's a waste of other people's time. I know there's something wrong but I'm in denial. It worsens my guilt which drives me to fast. What should I do?

Re: Eating disorder validity

Hi @f-ick67,

Firstly I just want to acknowledge how great it is that you're able to say that you know that there's something wrong and that you're able to identify what's going on with your feelings around it.
It's a really common feeling, not just with eating disorders but with pretty much everything.
The thing is though, if it's an issue for you, if it's feeling something to you, then it's a valid concern. And that means it's valid to bring up, and people aren't going to think of it as a waste of their time.

Have you spoken to anyone about what's going on?