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Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Hey there @Sarah-Marie, how has your weekend been?

It is 100% okay to have trouble opening up. It can be incredibly difficult to open those doors and talking about what's bothering us. You don't have to open up, but we'll always be here to offer support if you need it.

Without talking about what's bothering you, I was wondering if you've ever looked into self-care and finding any strategies that help you when you're feeling down. What do you think?

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Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

@TOM-RO @N1ghtW1ng @litgym @scared01@


I have been going through a hard time,  my depression has taken something so dear to me.  I cannot read anymore,  everytime I do I get this feeling and I have leave or the feeling get worse. All I want to do is sit down with a book and read but I cant do that  I physically can't.  Guys reading was the only thing that ever helped me it took me to a different world and let me live these characters  lives (I know strange)  ive been okay these last days but tonight I tried to read and my feelings came back like a wreaking ball and I hate it.  It took away my reading and I feel like crying,  I know I am being dramatic , but you guys don't understand how much reading meant to be it was everything .  Why is this happening to me.  I use to read 19 books sometimes in a month and now I cant even read a page.  Please help me I know I have been absent and don't deserve it. 





Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Hi @Sarah-Marie,

I am sorry to hear that the feelings have had such a big impact on your reading- it sounds like this is something super important to your wellbeing. Is there anything you feel might be contributing to feeling this way right now?


It can be so hard to feel like depression is taking away things you enjoy- a lot of members here can definitely understand that feeling Heart right now I can understand why you are feeling this way and I want you to know that we are here for you Heart 


I know that we have spoken about it earlier in this thread, but do you think speaking to someone about how you are feeling would be helpful? Even a helpline like lifeline or Kids Helpline that you can call from home when the feelings come up? 


Thank you so much for checking back in with us Heart for a lot of people on the forums, there are times where they are busy with life and dealing with a lot where they don’t have time or need a break from the forums- and that’s completely okay to take some time away! Smiley Happy As long as you know that if or when you need us, we are always here and we are all thinking of you and sending lots of kind wishes your way Heart 

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Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

hi @Sarah-Marie

i use to read alot too and now can barely read a page either. i try to work my way up. so start with one page for a few days, then try to read 2 pages. maybe picking something your really interested in and give that ago?

depression and lack of concentration go hand in hand and it can be really upsetting. try not to be too hard on yourself though as its not your fault. its just the way things are for now.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

hey @Sarah-Marie

glad to hear from you Smiley Happy sorry things have been so tough atm Smiley Sad would you like to contact a helpline like @Jess1-RO suggested ?


it can definitely be hard to read when you’re struggling with depression and trouble concentrating. @scared01 gave you some very helpful tips ! 


sending some BIG hugsHeartHeart