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Emotions I Don't Understand

Lately I have been having these emotions that I don't for the life of me understand.  All I know is that its bad,  I can't move on with my life and find the time to be happy because my thoughts are never leaving me alone.  It feels like a big rock on my chest.  I am 21 years old shouldn't life be full of surprises.  I just want to get over these feelings,  this black cloud is taking over my every thought and because I'm so inexperienced with life I don't understand what I'm feeling. I don't have a good relationship with my father he doesn't let me study or work or do anything for that matter.  Could someone please tell me healthy ways I can deal with this.  I don't want to diagnose myself with Anxiety or Depression but I'm pretty sure I have both.  I have alot of problems with self worth and self love.  My confidence is beyond low and I can't seem to pull myself out of this.  I have good days and bad days but its all bad days.  I feel like nothing is going to change and I want change and be happier person.  Does anyone understand what these are or relate to them.  

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Hi @Sarah-Marie,


Welcome to ReachOut! It takes a lot of courage to come online and speak about what's going on in your life, particularly when things have been challenging, so thank you for your trust and strength. 

I can 100% relate to what you are feeling right now, as can many other members of ReachOut forums. It sounds like managing these feelings has been really challenging, but you sound very in tune with what is happening for you at the moment - that self awareness is such a powerful thing. One thing I resonate with is when you said you want things to change, the first step to working on your health and wellbeing is in wanting to do something about it, so this is really great to hear.


Have you spoken to anyone important in your life about how you feel? Do you see a GP/counsellor/psychologist?


There are a lot of compassionate hearts here that can relate to your experiences and I hope you find RO is a safe space to share how you are and receive support Heart


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Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Hi Jess I hope that's your name


Yes I have.  My mother and best friend.  They know but my mother doesn't know the full extent of how bad I am right now.   Yes managing these feelings have been such a challenge you have idea how bad I want to be able to move on.  No I don't see any counsellor/psychologist.  I don't have the money to.  I wish I did that is why I messaged here.  Because I have no where else to go with these thoughts and I feel so isolated and alone.  I hope so to.  Thank you for taking the time to message me you don't know how much it means to me that someone cared ❤❤❤❤💖💖

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Hi @Sarah-Marie


I am glad that you have spoken to your mum and your best friend. Smiley Happy

In regards to the cost of seeing a counsellor did you know that you can get bulk billed sessions from a counsellor/psychologist if you have a mental health care plan from you GP? You can read about access mental health services here

Otherwise, you could also contact 

Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

EHeadspace on1800 650 890

Who both offer online counselling on their respective websites Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

hey @Sarah-Marie

I can totally relate you have no idea. Reach Out has honestly changed my life and I’ve only been on here for 3ish months. I’m happy you’ve spoken to your Mum and best friend. Sometimes it’s really hard to talk to family/friends. 

Is there anything that brings you joy? Do you do any self care?

Sending big hugsHeart

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Yeah I do know that I did it one time in high school for my panic attacks  but that counsellor/psychologist I was so uncomfortable with him.  I didn't connect with him.  Are these sites any good? Will they help?  Thank you so much for messaging me and taking the time out your day to.  

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Hey there @Sarah-Marie and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy

I can definitely relate to what you're saying. It can be difficult to deal with negative emotions, especially when it feels like things won't end. It's great that you were able to talk to your mother and your friend, speaking out about how we're feeling can be really tough to do and it's amazing that you were able to do that Smiley Happy

I understand not wanting to spend money to see someone. Are you studying anywhere? Many educational institutions such as uni's or tafe's (not too sure about tafe's though) have counselling through their student services. Otherwise, @Bee mentioned some great online services that offer web, email or over the phone options such as KidsHelpLine and Eheadspace, what do you think?

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand

Ah @Sarah-Marie sorry I missed you most recent reply! While there can be long wait times, I have found online services a good counseling option when I don't want to spend money. I don't know for sure if they will help, but there's always a chance that they might.

I'm sorry that you didn't have a good experience with the counselor at your high school. Sometimes, counselors aren't always the right fit and it is always okay to go see someone else.

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand



Thank you for answering me and being so kind towards me. How has this site changed your life in what way if you don't mind me asking.  Were you going through same thing I am right now?  You have no idea how hard it is to talk to other people especially family and friends.  


What do you mean self care?  Right now nothing brings more joy not even reading which meant everything to me . 


Sending hugs to you.  I'm glad your feeling alot better ❤❤💖

Re: Emotions I Don't Understand



I feel like these feelings will never end and it makes me feel so isolated and alone I feel like I am a freak who can't get over these feelings. 


No I am not studying at the moment.  I'm always at home my father doesn't let me do anything.  He's one of those stuck in 17th century types who think woman should be at home doing nothing. 


I think what @Bee mentioned would be good for me.  I'm already so surprised that I am not alone in what I'm feeling.