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Hey everyone, tomorrow is a big day. We find out how people voted around equality for people who are LGBTQI- or as we sometimes refer to ourselves here- Rainbow people! 



This thread is a place for you to come for support. We'll update it through today and tomorrow so that we can all be ready and looking out for each other. No matter how the results turn out. 


This is not a place to have a debate or to talk about what's wrong or right, it's just for support, we know you will respect that Smiley Happy


Re: Equality

Here's the first post. This one is all about planning ahead! 


The Plebiscite will be announced at 10am (AEDT) tomorrow so it's important to think about who you're with, and to plan ahead if you can to make sure you're surrounded by people who care and understand what's happening for you. 


I'd like to know what your plan is so: 

Where will you be tomorrow and who can you get support from?  





Re: Equality

Smiley Happy For those of you in other states, here is the release Smiley Happy

NT: 8:30am

QLD: 9am

SA: 9:30am

WA: 7am

NSW, VIC, TAS: 10am

(if the image hasn't loaded)

Re: Equality

Thanks for this Ben Smiley Happy

I'll probably be at home I think. Maybe walking the dog. In a supportive environment whatever I'm doing, so that's cool.

Re: Equality

That sounds awesome @roseisnotaplant we'll all be online and ready to chat tomorrow too, so pop on if you want to talk Smiley Happy 

Re: Equality

I will be in class then an exam at 1:40-3:20 then I will be in an extra-curricular activity until 5 or 6. I can get some support from a couple of friends.

Re: Equality



but nervous.

Re: Equality

Me too @roseisnotaplant


Re: Equality

Feeling you @roseisnotaplant, but we're all here to support each otherHeart


Re: Equality

ugh ugh ugh uGH UGH UGH UGH