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Exam stuff

Hey guys,


I had my physics exam at 6pm last night and compared to last semester where I went to bed at 3am in the morning and got 3 hours sleep before I did that physics exam...and had about 45minutes during the exam where my intestines felt like they were in a vice (I have digestion issues and they get worse when I'm stressed...anxious, naturally), I'm coping ridiculously well!!
But I have two more coming up on Thursday and Friday which are both at 6pm as well.  I HATE that they are so late in the evening.  Yesterday was awful in that it was such a looooong drawn out day.  No one can focus the whole day like that and by the time I got to my exam I found it quite difficult to concentrate as I was pretty mentally exhausted.

I had breaks where I would meditate for a little bit, had a short nap, I even started cleaning...omg (haha...I did the bath, as I thought I might want to use it once I come home from the exam...which was 9pm at night, slightly ridiculous).

I sat up late last night watching Friends til about 11pm and was tired...but I was still up at midnight.  Had an awful nights sleep because I was feeling quite anxious and agitated.  This week just feels like a mountain.  I'm really tired this morning because I slept so poorly and I know it's going to interfere with my concentration to study today.  I'm thinking I should I go to a yoga class at 10am today.  But also maybe that's not such a great idea as I may exhaust myself, seeing as I am already so tired.  So maybe I should go this afternoon instead.  But I am feeling too agitated to even consider studying right now, that's why I feel I should exercise.


Any suggestions for management?

Re: Exam stuff

I always try to do some excercise when I feel tired! I find that it makes me more tired at first but later on I feel better and almost like I got more energy from it. It also helps me clear my mind and set me in the mood for studying.

On a totally other note, I've heard chocolate is good brain food, and it works for me Smiley Wink Might work for you too Smiley Happy

Good luck!!

Re: Exam stuff

Sofia's suggestion is a good one.


It's important to properly manage your time so that you get the right amount of rest and recuperation, while also getting your study in. If you're rested and relaxed, your brain will absorb and retain a lot more information than if you're tired.


What suggestions do others have for balancing their time between study cramming and recuperation? What works for you?

Re: Exam stuff

Thanks guys, you helped me rethink a little bit.

Thanks Sofia. Yeah you're right, it does that with me too. I think I'm just scared I'm going to lose too much time if I do that. I did end up going to yoga and have done pretty well all day considering.

Umm...yes chocolate is a very BAD habit of mine. Since I have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance in the last 2 years (stress induced) I can't eat it as much unfortunately. But I still do...

Lex, I totally get where you're coming from. I think it's just that I'm obviously studying on the day of 'said' exam and I'm too wired up to relax and rest until 6pm. I dunno. Maybe I should go for an hours walk in the afternoon or something, get myself outside.

Re: Exam stuff

I think a walk sounds like a great idea! Go for it!

Good luck with your exams!!

Re: Exam stuff

Smiley Happy Thanks buddy. I'm really looking forward to Friday 9pm hitting. I'm in a bit of a mind funk today, so it's not making the study any easier. I'm concerning myself too much with whether or not people like me. And I know I only create suffering for myself that way. But hey, it is what it is. *just venting*

Re: Exam stuff

How did you do? Smiley Happy Hope you got sorted alright for the exams. Remember the only thing that matters is you did your best!! You can never do more than that Smiley Happy I know from experience it's hard but what other people think simply shouldn't matter. You're perfect at being you Smiley Happy

Re: Exam stuff

Oh thank you Sofia. That was really sweet of you. YAY!! I am finished. Smiley Happy It's a really awesome feeling and I celebrated long into the night with some classmates.

I learned a lot from last semester and I have learned a lot from this one. Thursday wasn't so great, my anxiety and stress was hard to get a hold of, but the going for a walk was helpful, calmed me down enough that I could nap. Until next year!

Re: Exam stuff

YAY!! Well done sounds like you did great. Getting to a nap on Thursday was hard but YOU did it!! Smiley Happy

You really deserved celebrating!!! You've overcome a lot of things this week, now make sure to pat yourself on the back and enjoy your holidays Smiley Very Happy

Re: Exam stuff

Smiley Wink Will do...first point of call is to catch up on sleep!