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Experiences with EMDR

I had my first session of EMDR a couple of days ago and the session are apparently going to continue every week.

I found it really uneasy and i'm finding myself feeling really, really nervous for my next session which is tomorrow. 

I would just like to know if anyone else has had EMDR used on them before and if you found it successful.


Thankyou Smiley Happy 

Re: Experiences with EMDR

Thanks @Mila28 @j95 have you ever had EMDR? 



Re: Experiences with EMDR

Hey @Mila28


How'd  your session go yesterday?

Re: Experiences with EMDR


Sorry for my very late reply but

it surprising went alright, I won't lie its challenging and quite confronting. But it does work. 

Re: Experiences with EMDR

No problem @Mila28


It is good to hear it works! How have you been feeling lately? Smiley Happy