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Feel stuck. Efforts aren't repayed anymore, don't know how to help myself.

I'm alone now. I don't have anyone to call anymore. I've pushed away my close friends, and I've never been good at meeting new people. I rarely even leave the house anymore. I want to work but the only interview I've ever had (at a fucking fast food place) ended up with me being rejected because the manager didn't like the way my laugh sounds. I want to talk to my parents but they've never been supportive of my interests, and I imagine the conversation would go something like "get over it, get a job" or "get centre link because you can" and I feel like I've tried both options and gotten nowhere. I need direction. Someone please help. Thank you in advance if anyone reads this. 

Re: Feel stuck. Efforts aren't repayed anymore, don't know how to help myself.

hey @afriendwithweed 


Thanks for sharing your situation with us. It sounds like you are feeling really isolated and frustrated with finding work at the moment. It can be quite frightening when struggling trying to find work. It can also be an arduous process when nothing works out. It is easy to become discouraged and disheartened. I think it is really great that you want to get a job though. It demonstrates a sense of motivation and determination. 


Two things that can help significantly in terms of getting an interview is having a well-written and well-organised resume and cover letter.  Youth Central has some really good tips. 


You say that you have no one, which makes me wonder, who do you talk to when you're feeling this way? Do you currently have any professional supports in place? I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are many helplines that you can contact if you find yourself needing someone to talk to. Feel free to have a look at our urgent help page here

Re: Feel stuck. Efforts aren't repayed anymore, don't know how to help myself.

Hi @afriendwithweed!

I'm really sorry that you're feeling so alone and are struggling with finding work. Smiley Sad I've also struggled with finding positions. It can be so competitive and it can be hard to know what employers are looking for. It can also be difficult finding work as a young person because employers are often looking for someone with experience. I'm sorry that the interview didn't go well. Some employers can be really cruel. Smiley Sad I've experienced similar situations when looking for positions.

Are you able to do some volunteering or a course? They might be able to help with building up your resume and meeting new people. Volunteering can also have a lot of benefits, such as providing you with new skills, improving happiness and wellbeing and making us feel good. I have been able to find a lot of courses that have interested me online and provided me with certificates that I can show potential employers. We had a Getting Real about jobs recently that might have some other useful tips.

Another thing that might help with meeting new people is finding groups and community events in your local area. Here is a good site for this.
Here are some other suggestions about things you can do when you're feeling lonely.

Re: Feel stuck. Efforts aren't repayed anymore, don't know how to help myself.

Hey @afriendwithweed thank you for sharing some of what's been happening with you. Please know that the community on the forums will support you as much as we can Smiley Happy

From what you've written, I'm sensing that you're feeling quite frustrated at the moment, and I can see how all of those elements could leave you feeling that way.

Meeting new people can be really tricky Smiley Sad Sometimes focusing on what you enjoy can be a good place to start. Can you tell me a bit about hobbies you enjoy, or activities you might undertake that make you feel good?


Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy

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Re: Feel stuck. Efforts aren't repayed anymore, don't know how to help myself.

@afriendwithweed just checking in to see how you're going? Were the links from previous posters helpful at all?

Here for you Smiley Happy
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