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Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

Hey ReachOut, 

So I’m like new to all of this but I’m glad I found it because I need some support right now. I love my group of friends and we are all supportive and as we’re all Christian I love going to our youth group with them and just hanging out with them. But everyday I feel even more overwhelmed and lost and disconnected than I did the previous day. More often than not I spend nights crying or shaking with rapid breathing. I’m anxious of things I never used to be and I need your help. 


What should i do?

Re: Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

Hey @DC, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing that with us. It is awesome that you have some supportive friends. What do you think is causing you to feel lost and disconnected? It sounds like it is having a big impact on you :smileyunhappy: It must be really hard to feel this way even though you have a great connection with your friends. The best thing you can do for yourself is to reach out to the people around you. Let a trusted friend and adult know how you have been feeling Heart An adult can support you through this and direct you to your local GP.

Re: Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

Hey @DC, and thank you for posting!

What do you think about the suggestions @Taylor-RO made? Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

Thanks @Taylor-RO,

My parents got divorced two years ago and living with my dad and his new partner was really hard...I was constantly told that I was a liar, or a thief and at one point that I was literally killing someone, this was super hard on me. I think that as this was the last two years of my life it’s kind of all catching up to me...I scared now of things I never used to be afraid of and in a way I feel that because of my past I’m a burden to my friends and that they don’t want or need me. I think most of the loneliness stems from my own thoughts and feelings.


Re: Feeling Lost & Overwhelmed

Hey @DC 


It's good that you've noticed that your distress is stemming from your own thought patterns. That's often true. The way we frame things in our mind can have a great impact on the way we feel and cope with things. I must also say that it's really great that you are reaching out. 


Watching your parents go through a divorce would've been tough, and it makes sense that you have been negatively impacted by it. I believe that is quite common. It must've been hard to live with someone (I assume) you don't really know that well, especially if you don't get along (or do you?). Was it your dad or his partner, or both, who accused you of stealing and lying? Either way, being accused of something you didn't do is not fun, and the symptoms you are experiencing sound unpleasant. 

I personally think it might be really good for you to get in contact with free counselling services such as Kids Helpline who operate 24/7, e-headpsace, or Lifeline. I also recommend you browse through our list of self-help apps. Some of them may be of use to you.