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Feeling a little lost

Hi Everyone, 

I'm new here and thought it would be a good place to just share what's on my mind and if anyone has any suggestions or words of 'wisdom' it would be greatly appreciated. 


Last month I started living on my own and i've been struggling with being alone. I have no one to come home too (apart from my cats) and the only thing I look forward to in my week is when I know I get to see my partner. 

I'm currently trying some mindfulness to help me relax of a night and also when I feel an anxiety attack coming. 

It's hard for me because I only have my partner and family to talk to and I really am feeling down and alone more than I normally would. 


- Thanks in advance guys. Smiley Happy 


Re: Feeling a little lost

Hey @MeganZ_97! Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy So glad you've joined us thank you for sharing your story. I will tag some other members at the end of my response to get a few people to jump in and share their insight Heart


Living on your own is definitely a transition, it takes time - absolutely makes sense you're feeling a bit out of sorts.

I am sorry to hear how down you've been feeling Smiley Sad How long have you been feeling low? 

The key to being content with solitude in this life is one of the ultimate personal accomplishments a human can achieve. The answer isn't so easy. Self-love. Once we're comfortable being with ourselves, being alone becomes an afterthought. It's the little things I enjoy - such as laying in the middle of the bed and stretching out, working on projects without interruptions, journalling, mindfulness (which you're already nailing!).

What sort of thoughts pop into your head when you're at home alone that make you feel down?

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Re: Feeling a little lost

Hi @MeganZ_97 and welcome to RO


It can be really lonley not having someone else in the house. 

Im glad  you  have your cats but not quite the same

Could  you maybe ask your partner to stay over a night or 2 during the week and ask family  member or friends to come over after work or for catch  ups?



**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Feeling a little lost

Hey @MeganZ_97 Welcome to RO!! Heart
As the beautiful @scared01 said maybe asking your family or friends to stay with you for a couple of days or even come over for dinner or something or doing something you like with the people you love. Always here to listen Heart

Re: Feeling a little lost

Hello @Bree-RO,

Thank you for your response. 

The lonliness feeling has been lingering for a while but really kicked in when I started living on my own. I have my mum over once a week for dinner and see my partner a few times during the week/weekend but as soon as they leave or I leave them, I get so uptight about going home to being alone. I feel as though the only things I look forward to are the times that I get to spend with them. 

Unfortunately, since college my friends and I have had a falling out and I've tried to re-connect but there has been no response since March this year Smiley Sad so the feeling of loneliness is certainly getting more and more hard to deal with. 

I just get worked up over the thoughts of only having my family and partner, I overthink about my future and where I am going.  


Re: Feeling a little lost

Hey @MeganZ_97

Loneliness is a struggle allot of people go through so i guess your not alone in that part. The whole expanse of others out their who feel the same way means the reality is your never alone in anything. Their is always someone who gets it no matter if you know them or not. 

Have you tried trying new things? Getting to be a part of groups that have the same interest as you. Bing surrounded by like minded individuals is usually a good way to find new friendships and hopefully overcome this lonely spot in your life.

So what are your interests? Hobbies? It could be anything! 

Re: Feeling a little lost

Hi @Kitty_cloud 


I would really love to expand my singing in some ways but have no idea where to start in terms of singing groups etc. I love playing the piano and writing my music. 

The idea of branching out to new people is exciting but I have no idea where to even start or how to approach it. 

Re: Feeling a little lost

So @MeganZ_97 a site called meetups was recommended for me to expand my social circle. You should check it out. It has so many different groups for all interests. 

To be honest it confuses me a bit but im not very tech savvy at all but i hope it can help you and your musical talents. 

Re: Feeling a little lost

Hi @MeganZ_97


that sounds really tough, I can certianly empathise with you though! I dont have friends nor family support. Im really glad that you have family support though.

You say you get tense when you get home, maybe you could make your house into a home. By that I mean get a few items that make you feel safe, maybe even an item or a few items that remind you of your family.

Being at home alone doesnt have to be as lonley as it is right now, not if you have some safe reminders that whilst you are alone for now you will see them again.


The future can always change and a lot of the time things dont go to plan. Life isnt a straight road. Sometimes youll go straight stop, sideways, roun and round and even backwards but you will keep going and things will change. Life never stops and its constantly changing.


I quite like that you want to start up some new things. Maybe whilst your at home when the lonliness creeps in set yourself a task to research singing and interest groups.

Theres a site called meetup thats suppose to be good and has a wide range of things.

I suggest starting by looking up say for example singing groups in melbourne- this is only an example you can put whatever hobby and your location into the search bar. You might surprise yourself and see what comes up. I find libraries and local community centres have a few interesting things on that maybe you could take a look at.


**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Feeling a little lost

Hey @MeganZ_97 super sorry to hear about the falling out with your friends. Keen to hear more about how that has impacted you. You mentioned "college" are you from the USA?