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Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Hey Guys,

l see a psychologist  every couple of months, for about a year now. She is really nice,is good at what she does and has helped me a lot in the last year. l would not even think of changing. However everytime l go to see her l get very nervous, agitated and unsettled (shaky, sweaty hands, increased heart rate and fidgeting), slightly before, during and up to an hour after the session.


l was just wondering:

why do l feel this way? how l can relax more during these sessions?




Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Hey Nat,


Great post - I suspect others will be able to relate to this as going into a room one on one and sharing your most intimate thoughts is not an easy thing - it can be extremely confronting. I see a psych myself and I can relate to feeling anxious before you go into the session, but I find that I usually relax very quickly once I am in the room.


Have you talked to your pysch about this anxiety? I really think you should. Discussing it with her might help to sort of 'de-stigmatise' it in your head and help you to relax. 


Hey I just noticed this is your first post on Reach Out! Welcome and thanks for contributing! Feel free to share any other issues or experiences you are having that you wanna chat about.




Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Hi Nat,

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy

It's awesome to hear that you're receiving help and support and that it's helped.

I think it's quite common that for a lot of people the will get nervous prior to a therapy appointment. I know I did a lot of the time. I think it's quite understandable to feel this way as you're talking about some pretty deep and personal issues with your psychologist that possibly you haven't shared with anyone before.

Talking about the anxiety you feel about attending with your psychologist may be a good idea. it can then be explored why you may be feeling this and ways that the anxiety can be reduced.

Take care,

Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Hey Nat


Nice to have you onboard in the RO forums, looking forward to see you around Smiley Very Happy


I wonder if it is the excitment of seeing your therapist? You did mention she has been helpful and I believe she helps you feel heard as well feel relieved at the end of the session? If it also could be the anticipation of good, mixed and (lets admit it) negative emotions that can occur during any session with a therapist? It is wonderful that you have identified these reactions Nat, it means you have something solid to discuss with your psychologist when you next see her. And yes, like the other peeps who have commented already, speak to your psychologist about these feelings. It will be great to explore why and how they occur and what other best place to do it with other than some one you trust like your psychologist? 


In the meantime, keep a record of how you feel when these behaviours occur, jot down the thoughts you have too and rate their intensity. The record will help when you speak to your therapist about them Smiley Happy


Good luck and come back to post about how you went, Nat.





Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Hey Nat,

The first time I went to see my psych I was absolutely packing myself!! Afterwards I felt anxious for a few days.

Now I tend to only feel really anxious prior to a session when I know there's something new I want to bring up. I've learned to just focus on my breathing when I am in the waiting room and practice mindfulness while I'm sitting there. Just feeling my emotions, rather then thinking about them.

After my first few sessions with the psych I was shaking and pretty distraught and even cried afterwards a couple of times. For me it was because I had brought up a lot of my past that I hadn't dealt with at all (but thought I had) so all the emotions were brought back to the surface. I've learned not to fall into it so easily recently.

Keep on going and try to consider some relaxation techniques and not get caught up in your thoughts.

Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

I'm the same- I read or play with any kids that are in the waiting room with me... Having a friend come with you sometimes may help too... 


Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Try to breathe or enercise before and or after, exercise clears your head and allows you time to think, it calms you down and exhausts you, thus no time for overthinking or warrying yourself about what is to come Smiley Happy


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Feeling anxious when l see my cousellor

Hey Nat Rigger,

I used to experience this when I saw mine. For me, it was the fact of baring my heart and soul to this person and talking about something that I didn't share with many people.
Not wanting to get all psychological on you but it sounds like your body preparing you for the 'fight or flight' response (Google has a bit about this). It is where our body gets us ready to either go into a tough situation or to be able to walk away from it.
Maybe to relax more, you could do something you enjoy before seeing her or just reading a book or maybe think of something more comfortable to start the session off with.

Hope this helps and good luck! Smiley Happy