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Feeling depressed and lost of directions

I'm a guy who just migrated to Sydney after being granted the PR under the IT skilled migration program last year.

Recently, I've just finished up with my one year work contract with one of the Indian IT companies in Australia and I'm currently out of job. I'm now struggling looking for a job as I've failed so many interviews in the past 2 months. I've been feeling really depressed, demotivated and in short to say, I'm a guy with no direction in life right now. I don't have many friends in Sydney and that makes me feel really lonely and depressed whenever I'm feeling down.


What should I do to regain back my confidence and to stay positive all the time so that I can pull through this difficult situation?

I really want to start a new life in this beautiful country.


Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Hi Branson,

First up, welcome to Australia, and welcome to ReachOut! I'm glad you found us.

Congratulations on getting your skilled migrant residency. Obviously our government thinks that you have lots of skills to offer or you would not have gotten it. It is not easy to immigrate to Australia! So I hope that thought helps to boost your confidence about your job skills. (Here are some other tips for building your confidence too!)

It can be really tough looking for work when you get a few rejections and it knocks your confidence. Especially when you're feeling alone because you're in a new country and you don't know that many people. I can understand why you are feeling down.

Try not to worry about the fact that you've had a few interviews and not gotten the job. Another way to look at it is - you've now had a fair bit of experience in job interviews, so you are already familiar with what it feels like, and you may even remember some of the questions you were asked in interviews, so you can be better prepared to answer them next time! Here are some other tips for looking for work which might help you.

You mentioned that you do know a few people here. How did you meet them? Making an effort to spend time getting to know some of these people better might help you develop some friendships. And who knows, maybe they'll introduce you to other people who might become your friends too. Here are some other handy tips for meeting people and making friends. You might also google for meetup groups in your area which are on a subject that interests you - maybe food, or bushwalking, or IT? Then you can go along and meet people with similar interests to yours.


Best of luck in your job hunting and in beginning your new life here. Stay in touch with us and let us know how you're going. And if you'd like to, you can introduce yourself to the other ReachOut members and say hi. Smiley Happy





Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Hey @Branson
You are so strong for voicing what you are going through right now and @blithe has given some great tips and info.

It is very difficult to find jobs and after a while you do start to lose confidence. I was out of a job for about a year and honestly I felt like it was me and it really broke me because it felt like a personal rejection. What helped me get through was volunteering for a bit, getting my resume professionally looked at and did not stop trying kept applying and tried to shake off the rejections and move on and it paid off in the end.

I think its important to take care of yourself and do things that make you happy, go out there and meet people, build networks with people because you never know, they might help you find a job later on. Have some hobbies or things that make you happy, music or exercise etc.

If you ever need to speak to anyone dont be afraid to call Lifeline on 13 11 14 they are great listeners.

Have you tried applying for recruitment agencies?
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Thanks ruenhonx.
That's what I've been doing now. Apart from applying for jobs and preparing for interview, I'm trying to occupy my time with some hobbies and playing sports. Yes, in fact I've been trying every single channel - recruitment agencies, friends, ex-colleagues and so on. Thanks for the information and I'm feeling much better now after telling people about my problems and worries.

Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Thanks blithe for all the information and also the words of encouragement. I'm feeling much better after telling people about my problems and worries. I will definitely keep a positive mind in me all the time and I'm sure I can pull through this hard time one day.

Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Hey @Branson 

it's a huge achievement that you're more comfortable voicing your concerns to others and trying your best to stay positive! Smiley Happy

It's definitely difficult to be happy and think on the bright side all the time so don't worry if you find yourself thinking negatively again. Maybe keep track of your thoughts and experiences through journalling so you can identify what you might need help with and can discuss with others.

Also, setting new goals and being open to learning new skills might help you gain a sense of direction and remain positive if you're going through difficult times again.

Thanks for letting us know about your progress and we are always here to help! Smiley Happy




Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Thanks for the advice @Student94. I will try your suggestion and will continue to post my concerns here if I have any in the near future.


Re: Feeling depressed and lost of directions

Hi @Branson 


I hope you are feeling stronger and better today.

I recently moved overseas. I am 32 and I cant make friends at work because they work for me. 

I can relate how difficult it is to meet new friends and I am trying to do the same. I have tried going on to see if anyone else share the same interest as me. Ive also started going to gym for my own health and also to make some friends. May I also suggest joining maybe a sports team or something. I play a social gps game which I have met  alot of friends from. 

Also I read up and brushed up on how to have a solid conversation with people. Takes just a little bit of practice. Remember to give and not take. 


Take care. Never give up.

And everything will be fine...