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Financial Stress

Hey @dustb0wldance just starting a thread here for you so you get more RO love.

Re: Short Sads

I'm just in way too deep with debt and, well, EVERYTHING. Was homeless for a while and finally got approved for a house, only to be declined for a bond loan at 4:40 on a Friday afternoon. Ended up pulling some strings and got the bond paid but in amongst all this I was trying to keep on top of uni (I'm 7 weeks behind and haven't handed a single assessment in on time yet) so I took time off work to try and get a handle on things, went back to work and worked a full day only to get sat down at the end of my shift and have my employment terminated. So now I have a house to pay rent on with zero income, not to mention the $500+ of stuff that comes out of my bank account EVERY week. I'm a diabetic and my control is completely out of whack so I literally feel like death all day every day. I'm not sleeping, even the pills aren't helping at the moment and I fully have no emotion regulation and spent the whole Easter long weekend being a massive bitch to my wonderful partner who lives 4 hours away and travelled here to spend time with me and was just trying to help but I'm in such a bad place that his support isn't helping right now so I just feel so awful for being such a massive waste of his time. I was trying to be all positive about everything and even accepted work at my old job which made me miserable but they've just put out the rosters for the next 3 weeks and I have like 10 hours. There's no way I can keep afloat on that kind of money and I have all kinds of stuff I'm meant to be paying at the moment and if there's no money in my account I'm scared I'm gonna get sued or garnisheed. All my "friends" are too busy with their own lives to be here for me even though everyone knows I'll always drop everything for them and just no one cares and my PTSD is playing up and I just miss my mum and every time I reach out for help it gets thrown back in my face, every appointment I have at headspace my caseworker is "sick" that day every time for the last few months and it seems like the only person who actually cares is my GP but he doesn't even live here and only works a day and a half each week and it's just exhausting. Everything is so exhausting. The harder I try, the more it all falls apart and I keep telling myself that something's gotta give but every time something does the universe just takes again

Re: Short Sads

Heya  @dustb0wldance thanks for sharing all of that, definitely a lot on and no doubt you're feeling overwhelmed but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel amidst this chaos this I promise you Smiley Happy


I actually have been in a very close to identical position. Lost job, lost house, lost relationship etc. One thing I would like to focus on though is this - "the more it all falls apart and I keep telling myself that something's gotta give but every time something does the universe just takes again" .. This is amazing to me. People who fail/struggle/uphill-it are actually the people who try to better their lives. I know a bunch of 20-somethings/30-somethings who live at home with a stack of cash because they're too scared to leave home as things could "go wrong" or it'd be "too hard". So straight off the bat, well done on attempting to better your life. And do remember the journey is not over yet, and hooray for your lovely partner who I am sure understands your stress at the mo Smiley Happy


Pep talks aren't super useful right now however so I am going to link you up to some services below


- Emergency Help [click here] - Emergency relief can act as a safety net for people experiencing financial distress or hardship and who have limited means or resources to help them alleviate their financial crisis.


Money Smart Free Financial Counselling [click here]

Also is there a way you can chat to the old job and say you're super keen for more hours? thinking of you Smiley Happy
Is rent and bond paid? If so you would have approx a month to sort yourself before more rent is due? Can you put a hold on direct debits for a bit? The free financial counsellor listed above would have more info on this.

Remember Lifeline, KHL etc if you need further support.