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Finding love

Hey guys, 


Sometimes I feel like I'm going to forever alone. I'm semi-okay with that but of course I want to love and be loved. It seems like I'm never going to find the girl of my dreams either cause they are taken or by chance (that we never meet). It feels disheartening and damn sad. 


Any thoughts or inputs would be greatly appreciated! Heart

Re: Finding love

Hey @LeoTheLion you are not alone in this feeling at all, I send a lot of compassion and love your way. It is very normal when we are single to become agitated about this. The thing is, we do truly have to be happy with ourselves first. A relationship is a mirror of your best self. So if we look for validation in others, it's not uncommon we will keep entering into dysfunctional relationships. You are intelligent and engaged, I have every confidence she will come into your life, even if it isn't right now. I often find it is when I am not looking that love appears Smiley Happy Let's tag some others for their input.


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Re: Finding love

@LeoTheLion I'm telling you right now you will find your girl of your dreams, your soulmate for life!! But at the same time if you know someone likes you and you don't really like them always remember to think about yourself and how you will be happiest!!

Re: Finding love

@LeoTheLion being single and wondering if you'll ever find someone can be tough Smiley Sad have you thought about what your ideal girl might be like? Sometimes that can help us figure out where to start looking Heart

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Re: Finding love

Hey @LeoTheLion
I think it is totally normal and natural to want to love and be loved. As humans, we are social beings and we crave affection and connection.
Are you part of any social clubs or activities where you are able to meet new people? Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Finding love

@less123321 Haha thanks but I just don't see it happening (anytime soon at least) 


@lokifish My ideal girl, definitely someone similar like me in terms of values, goals, hobbies and interests. A nerd Smiley Tongue Opposites do attract but their relationship don't last. 


@Bee Unfortunately not. Just been occupied with work and it seems like everyone at work is in a relationship lol

Re: Finding love

@LeoTheLion oh well thats a bit of a bugger :/

Someone with similar values, goals, hobbies and interests sounds awesome!

My future partner must either have an appreciation for photography or enjoy photography themselves Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Finding love

Hey @LeoTheLion,


I'm going to give you a word of advice that I was given only last week 'Think in the now, the present, not in the future and the what ifs'. I think what this person meant was that we should focus on life here and now and not worry about what tomorrow may bring. In your case just know, the future may hold the girl of your dreams. I know how it is to have someone you feel so strongly about out of your reach but know someone out there will realize just how special you are one day too.



Re: Finding love

The same thing has been happened to me when i was around 20. Smiley Wink