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Gender Identity

Hai... So I identify as gender fluid but mainly Nonbinary, whilst I'm usually fine with any pronouns I much prefer they/them.


School really hurts because I want to talk to people about it but I feel as though they don't understand and I'll get judged especially because I'm new too my current school.


I feel as as if I'm too feminine too pass well enough, my voice and name don't help much but my eyes which are my most prominent features are also extremely female.


I just wanted to see if their was anyone who felt the same and that I wasn't alone and stuff... 


So yeah I don't really know where I'm going with this so I'll stop before I ramble too much. Byee

Re: Gender Identity

Hey @AimeeCouell and welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Very Happy
It can be hard when your physical appearance doesn't match how you feel inside. I am female, but my gender identity I like to sum up with a shrug, because I'm neither but maybe both... it's not something I am personally too concerned about.

You are definitely NOT alone in how you're feeling Smiley Happy Lots of people every day struggle with their gender identity, and that's perfectly normal!

Does your school have a counselor that you could talk to? Or perhaps a close friend or family member that you trust. What do you think?

Re: Gender Identity

Hey @AimeeCouell, how have you been doing lately? I agree with @N1ghtW1ng, you're not alone in these feelings. 


I am also non binary and use they/them pronouns! Hi Smiley Happy It can feel very isolating, especially when people don't understand or accept you. Just know that you are valid and we believe you. Heart