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Got a school bully and want to get it off my chest

I am a intelligent kid that is involved in a gifted and talented program but the downside to this program is that they will stick a bully or another kid along those lines into our class to "help them" but he is reapetedly getting on my nerves and being mean to our class. As for me I was in the middle of some work when he came round and shutdown my computer, I lost all my work and so did my friends and one of my friends had his mouse broken and batteries of the mouse thrown across the room. Another time he slammed my computer shut for no reason, and just today he kept yelling across the classroom as why I was looking at him even though I wasn't. Then later tried to throw a football in my face.


Re: Got a school bully and want to get it off my chest

Say to him " Stop and if your teacher is not in the room record him doing it or speak to a counseller

Re: Got a school bully and want to get it off my chest

Hey @Ihatebullies,


Gee, sounds like a pretty nasty situation to be in! Smiley Sad I was in gifted programs all throughout my schooling too so I know how they can be a magnet for bullies. It sucks and is totally not okay


Like @harrypotter, I'm wondering if your teachers are in the room when this is happening. It sounds like he's not just targeting you but is being disruptive in general. Do you think your friends would be comfortable approaching the teacher as a group about his behaviour? Sometimes it can be a bit less intimidating when you're not alone.


It's also really important to take care of yourself while all of this is happening. What do you like to do in your spare time? We have a bunch of articles on bullying here (including this video on taking care of yourself) if you wanted to check them out?


Here for you Smiley Happy

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Re: Got a school bully and want to get it off my chest

hello @Ihatebullies
im sorry your having to deal with this. it really isnt right
do you think you could speak to your teachers about this to see if they can help? or perhaps your school principal? if you and your friends go together and share your stories they will see its not just you having to deal with this person.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**