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hi i just really really need information about what i can legally do in my situation, my 35 year old sister lives with our 58 year old mother as well as her 16 year old daughter who has been in our mothers care since birth and recently my sister has become strongly addicted to amphetamines and since she started using has changed completely she now continuously threatens our mothers life as well as her own daughter she has stolen lied and decieved everyone and my mother and niece are living in constant fear of what she will do to them next they are unable to sleep or eat and she has caused my mothers only form of income to be cut off my mother and niece are now looking at being homeless they already cant afford their electricity or simple grocery shopping i desperately need to help them get away from my sister but my mum feels bad for her and wont so i really really need to get my sister help its only a matter of time now before she does something extremely harmful to mum and my niece my mum has also been battling diabetes and has severe heart problems and has suffered several heart attack i dont want to lose my mother just because my sister is coming down and wanting more of the filthy substance that has torn my family apart please please please help me get her help urgently please


Hi @koko Im so sorry to hear about your situation, I cant even imagine how it must feel dealing with something like this


If you fear for their immidate safety please dont hesitate to call 000, your sister may not be happy with you for it at the time but its better to be safe in these situations

There is also drug and alchohol counselling available at and 1800 888 236 for family, friends and individuals dealing with drug and/or alcohol addictions


Alternatively there is Kids Help Line on 1800 55 1800 who may be good for you to talk to, they could also refer you to the appropriate people too


I dont want to bombard you with too many more numbers and websites but Lifeline is also a 24/7 crisis line (13 11 14 ) and website,  who are very helpful and again can probably give you further information and point you in the right direction for legal advice


Hope this helps and please take care, let us know how you are coping and if there is anything else we can do


Hi @koko ,

It sounds like your going through a very full on time at the moment and taking a lot of responsibility on your shoulders in regards to your mother/neice situation. I can imagine it being very difficult to see it happening before your eyes and feeling lost on where to go from here, but your a very strong person for standing up for your family and seeking out help for them and yourself.

Legally, I'm not sure you can do too much to help your Mother and Neice unless they're in imminent danger, and if so please don't hesitate to conact '000' as soon as you feel that they're going to be harmed.
Has your Mother put in a report to the police about your Sister's behaviour? Or thought about getting an AVO if she is being intimidated and threatened?
In this situation, I'd contact your local police station and discuss what options you have with an officer in regards to legal matters.

Not to be nosey at all, Did your mother recieve payments from Centrelink? And has she spoken to them about loosing her payments? I know of social worker services available through the Department of Human Services that she can contact to discuss her situation as well as be given advice and counselling if needed, 132 850 is there number.

Some other ideas maybe contacting Salvation Army(13 72 58) in regards to food and shelter if worst comes to worst, and/or Homelessness Australia  on 02 6247 7744 who are able to give you and your mother advice on where to go from here if she does possibly become homeless.

I really hope I havn't stressed you out too much on what information I have given you, I'm just trying to cover some points you've discussed and I truely hope it was helpful.
As @hartley_ stated, Lifeline and Beyond Blue are also good services to contact.

You have so much love for your Mother and Neice, I can see that, and I think you're a saint for standing up for them.
Let us know how you go and don't forget to look after yourself as well.

Take care.

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