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He keeps on hurting me emotionally...

We were good friends but he had feelings for me but I was not ready for a relationship that's why I constantly  asked him to get a girlfriend, after few months We came very close to each other like the friends with benefits kind of relation I finally realized that it was time to have a serious talk and get in a relation, but he had different plan in his mind he changed, the testing n calling got less, and finally after 20 days he spoke out . He told me about a girl he was seeing and had feelings for her he was planning to get in a relation with her, it was shocking and heartbreaking for me I asked him why he did that but he only replied that it was all my fault I had asked him to get a girl ,so he did it eventually. I tried to swallow my mistake and stopped talking to him cause I was in love with him, and my feelings were inconsiderate a week when I realized that  things should never end on a bad note, after a great time We had spent together, tested him like a friend and congratulated him on his relationship, and assured him that I was fine with it and was moving on , since that day I didn't talk much and maintained my distance,like this 23 days passed he use to talk with me everyday small little chats and a little flirting which I always restricted him because I didn't wanted the other girl to feel insecure or jealous. After a few days  I saw a sudden change he, started flirting with me again and that to constantly he claimed on being single and wanted me back, I was showed but I didn't wanted to go down the same rood again so I denied and told him that I had moved on , he still didn't care much and continued talking to me in flirt with me and I couldn't stop him Suddenly after a night at around 4 in the morning I got a text from him that the Other girl wanted to talk with me .Now came the other heartbreak for me, he who was completely denying to be committed was with her late night in her apartments on the other hand was completly different from what I had thought,she was arrogant and rude and was in a fake impression that this boy and I were not talking. I still tried to be calm and talk nicley with her but she cleary wanted me to stop talikng to his guy it was quite astonishing for me to see that ,cause I was trying my level best to stay away from him where he was lying on a complete note to her and me as well. She eventually pisssed me off by blocking me from his phone. They completely made me feel as I was the culprit there, I was the reason for all problem , this made me message her and burst my anger out, she did responded in a very bad note which was expected I suppose. Whereas him on the other side kept quiet and didn't say a word , I could not understand what to do so I decided to keep quiet and let go. After 10 days he messaged me last night saying that he was disappointed by what I did and I had degraded my imageSmiley Sad and didn't wanted me to involve her in our matter. I tried calling him, he rejected my calls an texted that I was bothering him ..... I'm all shattered here with all the situation I can't stop thinking about him I loved him , and was happy for them but when Im being treated like a doormat  at what level could I take it !!.... That to form her who didn't knew me at all she pointed on my character as well as my self esteem and standard. I don't know what todo  .....i never wanted things to end on a bad note but there a limit to what I can take I can't keep hurting myself everyday I don't know why he did it to me .....please help me I don't  know what to do.Smiley Sad


Re: He keeps on hurting me emotionally...

Hey nickybeauty: sorry you're going through such a rough time, and it doesn't sound really healthy communication is going on here. It's all been a bit messy, so a clean break might be helpful now.
I noticed from your registration that you are not from Australia - otherwise I would suggest some support lines for you to talk to. Is there someone in your life that you can chat this through with?

Online Community Manager

Re: He keeps on hurting me emotionally...

Sounds like he dont deserve a caring person like you anyway